CyberTECH to Promote "Securing The Internet Of Things"

National Business Network Brings Together Industry and Security Experts to Discuss IoT Solutions

SAN DIEGO, CA--(Marketwired - Dec 19, 2013) - CyberTECH, the nation's leading security business network will be producing a conference on "Securing The Internet Of Things," at the RSA conference in San Francisco, February 24th. The conference is being sponsored by AirPatrol, Darkpoint, CyberMaryland, CyberUnited, Packetsled, Popchips, Sony, SDG&E, AIS, Cox, First Republic Bank, and ISC Consulting Group. 

The program will be held from 3PM to 7PM in the Terra Gallery at 511 Harrison Street, followed by a networking reception, CyberTini, which will provide speakers and guests the opportunity to mingle and continue discussion on the topics of the day. The conference is open to cybersecurity firms, innovators in the IoT field, investors, and executives from government, organizations concerned about security, privacy and regulation of products that touch the Internet.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the term for the phenomenon where people and physical devices such as vehicles, commercial and industrial equipment, medical devices, and remote sensors, are connected to networks that are linked to the Internet. The proliferation of these devices are communicating vast amounts of valuable data, creating an urgency to better understand, manage, secure and utilize the resulting data.

The keynote speaker will be Daniel Obodovski, co-founder, Managing Partner for DND Ventures LLC and the author of "The Silent Intelligence, The Internet of Things." In addition, Robert Rodriguez, Chairman & Founder of Security Innovation Network (SINET); Darin Andersen, President & CEO, CyberUnited; Asheem Chandna, Investor & Company Builder, Partner, Greylock Partners; and Howard Schmidt, Retired Special Assistant to the President, will all be addressing the conference.

In addition, two panels will be featured. "Who Owns and Protects the Democratized Data of IoT?" will be moderated by Dean DeBaise, Executive Chairman of AKTA and Chairman and CEO of Reboot Partners. It will include panelists Karl Gumtow, CEO of CyberPoint International; Cecilia Anastos, Founder of Meta Enterprises; Todd Peterson, CTO and Senior Vice President of R&D, Synthetic Genomics; Harry Sverdlove, CTO of Bit9; and Cleve Adams, CEO of AirPatrol.

"Privacy and Security Implications: What New Cybersecurity Regimes and Policies Will be Needed for the Resilient Network," will be moderated by Jeffrey Carr, CEO & Founder of Taia Global, Inc. and include panelists Mark Weatherford, Principal at The Chertoff Group; Shawn Henry, President of CrowdStrike Services; Robert Brese, CIO for the U.S. Department of Energy; Guy Filippelli, CEO and Founder of RedOwl Analytics; and Jonathan Stuart of Bishop Fox.

"The Internet of Things is going to have one of the most dramatic impacts on consumers, government and business since the beginning of the Internet itself," commented Darin Andersen, Founder and Chairman of CyberHive and CyberTECH as well as President and CEO of CyberUnited. "However, like the impact of all new technology trends, there are numerous concerns around it. This event brings together some of the most significant authorities in the country to discuss these issues and postulate solutions."

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About CyberTECH

The CyberTECH mission is to stimulate innovation and advance the adoption of cyber technologies for the economic and social benefit of the greater San Diego area and those friendly to the United States. Home to more than 1,200 software and computer service firms, CyberTECH will accomplish its aims by creating a formalized cyber ecosystem in the region through a series of programs and leadership opportunities. The ecosystem will include business and financial leaders, academic and research institutions, government and non-profit organizations.