Reminder: Introduction of new price caps in the N2EX auction – effective 15th January


N2EX is going to introduce new minimum and maximum price caps of £-500 and £3000 in the N2EX auction, replacing the current minimum and maximum caps of £0 and £2000.

This will take effect from the 15th January 2014 for delivery on the 16th January 2014.


How will this affect me?

Members using single hourly orders will need to change the first and the last price step of their order to £-500 and £3000.

Block orders can now be submitted with a minimum price of £-500 and maximum price of £3000.

Please see the attached document for further information.


Will the N2EX systems be impacted by these changes?

The N2EX trading, clearing & API platforms will not be affected by this change, however members should consider whether these changes may have an impact on their own internal trade management systems.


If you wish to discuss this further, please contact:

N2EX Trading Operations, phone +44 207 065 8140 / +47 6710 9190



N2EX Price Caps.pdf