LAS VEGAS, NV--(Marketwired - Jan 14, 2014) -  Ultimate Training Munitions (UTM), a leading provider of weapon conversions and training ammunition for armed forces and law enforcement agencies around the world, along with Phoenix RBT Solutions, a top supplier of reality-based training programs and products, today announced it will showcase its complete non-lethal training products and solutions at the 2014 SHOT Show at the Sands Expo and Convention Center in booth #6503. 

UTM and Phoenix provide products and training programs that ensure military and law enforcement professionals are prepared while in the line of duty. UTM's non-lethal training ammunition (NLTA) helps aid effective, realistic reality-based training and can be used in a variety of training, from force-on-force to both beginner and advanced firearms drills and qualifications. UTM offers multiple NLTA options including: Man Marker Rounds (MMR), Silent Blank Rounds (SBR), Battlefield Blank Rounds (BBR) and Target Bullet Rounds (TBR). 

"UTM's NLTA can enhance the benefits of live fire training while preventing as well as correcting the training scars developed from traditional range practice," said Tony Lambraia, chief executive officer of Phoenix RBT Solutions. "Life exists in 360 degrees but historically most firearms training is only in one direction due to safety concerns. The accuracy, safety and reliability of UTM make it the only non-lethal training ammunition available that allows shooters to bridge the gap between traditional live fire drills and more realistic and practical training."

Solution for All Stages of Training
UTM's MMR offers unprecedented accuracy, safety and reliability, making it the preferred round for a wide array of training options. By using their standard issued weapon, military and law enforcement professionals are able to train as they are expected to fight. When individuals are able to build the correct muscle memory and train as they fight, they are able to overcome previous training scars and increase their personal readiness and survivability. UTM conversion kits quickly and effectively convert standard weapons to fire non-lethal training ammunition.

Benefits for Newly Enlisted Soldiers and Officers
The realism and hands-on learning with UTM ensures proficiency and helps instill confidence in new military and law enforcement personnel. UTM's NLTA is also valuable for beginner firearms students. UTM's conversion kits can eliminate anxiety of firing a real weapon for the first time. UTM's NLTA safely transitions students from dry firearms drills to force-on-target to force-on-force and eventually moving to live fire. 

"For students that have never handled a live weapon, our system allows them to experience the realism of a live weapon safely," added Lambraia. 

The company's blank rounds also provide training value. The UTM BBR simulates the sound and recoil of a live round, adding realism during training without having to wear full protective gear other than eye protection. SBR allows users to conduct close quarter defensive tactics training with real weapons that have been converted and are 100% safe. The silent blank provides normal cycling of the weapon with zero emissions and noise. The SBR is extremely realistic and has permanently replaced the plastic or rubber guns used by many CQB and defensive tactics instructors. UTM moves students past the sterile range environment into a training environment that more closely resembles the real world. 

Additionally, UTM offers a training solution that replicates live lethal ammunition at a reduced velocity. The Target Bullet Round is lethal by definition due to its velocity but will not penetrate 3/4" plywood and since it is made from all non-toxic materials, it is safe for indoor use without the need of respirators, or air purifiers.

In addition to NLTA, UTM /Phoenix also offers a portable training facility (PTF) and a variety of custom training courses in tactics, CQB, defensive tactics and more. The PTF ensures a versatile training environment that offers layouts appropriate for cover courses, tactics, firearms or scenario-based training. Standard components of the portable facility include six flexible target holders, six ceiling panels, eight solid wall panels, six door/window wall panels, four hinged doors, frame materials and hardware, and five large duffel bags for storage and transport. Prices vary depending on the configuration. Retail prices for standard packages are available on Phoenix's website. 

For more information about UTM / Phoenix visit booth #6503. 

About UTM / Phoenix
Ultimate Training Munitions (UTM) is a leading provider of weapon conversion kits, non-lethal training ammunition (NLTA), and safety equipment for armed forces and law enforcement agencies around the world. In partnership with its sales and training team, Phoenix RBT Solutions, UTM/Phoenix offers a complete non-lethal training system that also includes training courses, training props, portable training facilities (PTF) and personal protective gear. Products are available on the GSA schedule, contract number, GS-07F-5749P. For more information visit: or