AUSTIN, TX--(Marketwired - Jan 15, 2014) - EPIC Corporation (PINKSHEETS: EPOR) ("EPIC"), and Ronald S. Tucker, EPIC's president, announced "EPIC has significant intrinsic value due to its proprietary AcuFAB® acupressure spacer fabric and the products that can be made from it for worldwide consumer and healthcare market segments. AcuFAB® provides EPIC with significant intrinsic value because it does what it is designed to do -- provide greater ventilation and circulation when you need it."

Charlie Munger has stated that to investment in a company understand its "intrinsic characteristics" that "give it an advantage" with a "price that makes sense"; and Warren Buffett has said "first determine the value and then look at the price."

EPIC's and RX Healthcare Systems, Ltd., EPIC's majority owned subsidiary, "intrinsic characteristics" include: no capital requirement for machinery or equipment in the production of AcuFAB® or the products made from it; a major textile mill that can produce large quantities of AcuFAB®; a FDA approved contract manufacturer that can scale the production of AcuFAB® products at a fixed price per unit; an abundant supply of polyester fibers from many producers; a single fixed cost for the fabric used in the production of all AcuFAB® products; no direct labor costs, indirect factory burden or fulfillment costs; low overhead costs; two years of providing samples of AcuFAB® products to consumers, healthcare professionals, and healthcare institutions for their evaluation; and testimonials from users of the products.

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About EPIC

EPIC is a private financial services company with an exit strategy. Its business is providing corporate, business and financial development services for subsidiaries and joint ventures with independent healthcare product companies with the objective to create capital growth and establish an exit strategy for their investors.

EPIC is a shareholder orientated financial services company and its value is determined by two factors -- return of capital to investors and capital growth.

EPIC provides a return of investment through dividend distributions in stock, EPIC stock and stock of subsidiaries and joint ventures, and cash, when available. EPIC has a history of declaring and paying stock dividends. Its most recent stock dividend was 100% of its own stock in 2012. At the same time it also gave a dividend of its AcuFAB® pressure overlay sleep pad.

EPIC creates capital growth through the increase in the intrinsic value of intangible assets and capital gains from the sale of all or parts capital stock of its subsidiaries and joint ventures.

Porter Stansberry wrote, "[When] a business reaches a certain level of capital efficiency, the shares will soar over the long run... The incredible thing is... no matter how big or small the company is -- its shares almost always soar over the long term."

EPIC management believes EPIC's stock is positioned to soar.

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