NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Jan 16, 2014) - Nuvilex, Inc. (OTCQB: NVLX) and a host of marijuana companies are keeping a close eye on what is happening with a petition drive in Florida to get the use of medical marijuana on ballots in time for the November election. Why is Florida important? Well, for a company like Nuvilex and its medical marijuana subsidiary, Marijuana Sciences, Inc., conducting research and developing treatments using the drug are made far easier if the country moves to full acceptance, and Florida could be the domino that sets the last of the states holding out in motion.

Currently the map in the U.S. representing those states passing legislation making marijuana legal for medicinal purposes is mostly made up of states in the west and northeast. However, organizers in Florida are diligently working to change the shape of that map. Ben Pollara, campaign manager with United for Care, told supporters late Wednesday, "We did it. I have great news: I believe we have collected the petitions we need to get on the ballot." Pollara added that the group has collected 1.1 million signatures from all across the state.

If United for Care and the thousands of volunteers who fanned out across Florida knocking on doors to get enough voter signatures are, in fact, successful, Florida would become the first state in the south to pass this type of legislation and it could open the door for a host of other southern states to follow Florida's lead.

Pollara told supporters, "This is an enormous achievement, but we still await the ruling of the state Supreme Court, we need to get right back to work. We must shift this now into campaign mode and help educate the millions of Florida voters who will hopefully be allowed to have a choice in November."

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