LEAWOOD, KS--(Marketwired - Jan 16, 2014) - Social Security Solutions (www.ssanalyzer.com) announced today its latest research, "Greatly Reduced Life Expectancy: How Should It Affect a Couple's Social Security Claiming Strategy?" has been published in the esteemed Journal of Financial Service Professionals.

Social Security Solutions, Inc. is the creator of the online tool (www.ssanalyzer.com) that allows financial professionals to compare benefit claiming strategies side-by-side in order to assess the monthly and cumulative benefits when beginning at various ages. Consistently named the best software in the Social Security income planning niche by publications such as Investment News and the Wall Street Journal, the company principals are frequently published in financial journals and quoted by various news outlets due to their expertise.

Published in the January 2014 issue of the Journal of Financial Service Professionals, this study, "Greatly Reduced Life Expectancy: How Should It Affect a Couple's Social Security Claiming Strategy?" examines claiming strategies for couples where one spouse is facing a shortened life expectancy. The study, co-authored by William Meyer, founder and CEO of Social Security Solutions, Inc. and Dr. William Reichenstein, who holds the Pat and Thomas R. Powers Chair in Investment Management at Baylor University, and also a principal of Social Security Solutions, Inc., analyzes scenarios for Social Security selection based on the life expectancy of both the one facing the illness and the survivor, explores the role of disability benefits, and makes recommendations to be considered.

Although there is no simple advice, the research concluded that making informed choices can increase the current benefit available while ensuring the surviving spouse also receives the maximum benefit relative to the situation. "The implications of this are huge," said Meyer. "Life expectancy is the single most important driver of when you should claim your Social Security. If you're married and facing a shortened life, you need to maximize the survivor benefit. Because of the complex rules surrounding survivor benefits, it might be more important that you not claim."

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