MERRIMACK, NH--(Marketwired - Jan 21, 2014) - Change is stressful, even when change comes in the form of beneficial technology and social transformation. Too often, the stress of change manifests as overeating and obesity, smoking, substance abuse, aggression and other negative behaviors. Millions are searching for a non-pharmaceutical solution that is effective, long lasting and causes no side effects. The National Guild of Hypnotists ( has demonstrated through its longevity and documented results that hypnosis provides proven alternatives for reducing and eliminating many of the negative responses to today's stressful world.

The National Guild of Hypnotists, NGH, is the oldest, largest and most respected professional association of hypnotists in the world. The National Guild of Hypnotists, under the leadership of Dr. Dwight Damon, has been instrumental in raising conscious awareness of consulting hypnotism as a separate and distinct profession. Hypnosis now is recognized in the medical and scientific mainstream and its use and acceptance continue to grow.

Founded in Boston in 1950 and now based in Merrimack, NH. with over 14,000 members worldwide, the National Guild of Hypnotists includes trained, certified hypnotists, doctors, dentists and other health professionals and educators from many fields. An international organization serving members in 80 countries, the National Guild of Hypnotists established a strong universal code of ethics for the profession. In 1994, the National Guild of Hypnotists chartered the rapidly growing National Federation of Hypnotists, Local 104, a Union affiliated with the OPEIU, AFL-CIO, CLC. Those knowledgeable of non-clinical hypnosis universally acknowledge Dr. Damon as "The Father of Consulting Hypnotism as a Separate and Distinct Profession."

The National Guild of Hypnotists established and maintains a rigorous certification program based on a standardized curriculum. Annually, the National Guild of Hypnotists conducts educational seminars around the country and an international convention and educational conference, held in Marlborough, NH, that attracts over a thousand hypnotists. Under the guidance of Convention Director Elsom Eldridge Jr., the convention is the leading and largest venue for the sharing of best practices within the profession. Each year's convention provides a platform for teaching advanced hypnotic techniques and sharing new information and practical developments from leading members of the profession and legislative and legal updates. The most prestigious awards in the profession are presented during the event. The adjunct faculty, recruited from around the world, provides a distinguished nexus for what Dr. Damon describes as, "an open forum for a free exchange of ideas concerning hypnotism."

Dr. Damon says, "As members of the National Guild of Hypnotists, we have accepted the invitation and have risen to the challenge that the actions we have taken over the years, lay the groundwork for our profession to soar beyond all that has been accomplished and even beyond all we can conceive. We rise to the invitation to leave a legacy of excellence."

Respectful of licensed health care professionals, the National Guild of Hypnotists encourages its members to make their services widely available as a complementary adjunct to medical, dental and other licensed health professions. The organization's vision is of a time when a visit to a Consulting Hypnotist will be as routine as a trip to the dentist. Consistent efforts by the National Guild of Hypnotists in fostering professionalism has been the decisive factor in bringing about the recognition of hypnosis as a separate and distinct profession.

The non-profit association publishes The Journal of Hypnotism and the Hypno-Gram quarterly, as informative publications for practitioners and recently introduced Hypnosis Today, an annual magazine created for all readers.

Dr. Dwight Damon is available for interview or comments. Contact 603-429-9438.

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