SEATTLE, WA--(Marketwired - Jan 21, 2014) - Opanga Networks, the leading innovator of mobile CDN solutions, today announced the NetRover Series 3 platform. NetRover is a mobile content distribution technology specifically designed to navigate the challenges inherent within cellular networks, such as highly variable radio conditions and performance-damaging congestion. For apps powered by NetRover, this means the elimination of traditional mobile video performance issues such as delayed starts, excessive buffering and stalling -- the de facto experience for today's frustrated consumers. NetRover enables instant-start video playback in high resolution with no buffering or stalling. This dramatic difference in user experience is a key differentiator for media companies looking to significantly boost consumer engagement and monetize their premium content through high-value video ads (seamlessly integrated with Google DoubleClick™).

"This is clearly an exciting time to provide solutions that help media companies deliver a broadcast-quality viewing experience on mobile devices," said VP of Technology Chip Suttles, of the Seattle Seahawks. "Opanga's NetRover Series 3 technology creates a premium consumer experience. Opanga allows us to play offense with mobile video and provide a fantastic experience for our fans."

"As consumers embrace mobile video on smartphones and tablets, networks are crumbling under the traffic load. Consumer's are paying a heavy price for cellular-video performance that is poor, and getting worse," said Dave Gibbons, CEO of Opanga Networks. "Media companies that integrate Opanga's NetRover technology into their mobile applications can now guarantee a consistent quality of experience that consumers and advertisers alike will embrace. The revenue potential of high-impact video ads that play flawlessly in any radio coverage environment is staggering, given a solution is available to deliver such a consistently high-quality experience. NetRover is the key enabling factor to realize the potential of mobile video, offering a platform for advertising monetization unrivaled by any other solution."

About Opanga Networks
Opanga Networks is the leading innovator of mobile CDN solutions. Opanga's NetRover™ platform has been specifically designed for real-world challenges of cellular radio networks. Opanga's patented technologies enable a superior playback experience without causing the network congestion or degradation typical of other video applications. NetRover enables media companies to create highly efficient and scalable video delivery services that offer an appealing viewing option for consumers. The privately held company is headquartered in Seattle, WA with additional offices in Madrid and Monterrey. For more information, please visit

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