ScholarChip to Provide Baltimore County Public Schools with a True One Card Solution

ScholarChip is pleased to announce that Baltimore County Public Schools (BCPS) will utilize its cloud-based system and smart ID cards to automate and centralize staff and student identification; door access; and student building, classroom and bus attendance.

Hicksville, New York, UNITED STATES

New York, NY, Feb. 7, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Baltimore County Public Schools (BCPS) joins a growing list of school districts to partner with ScholarChip to move toward the unification of their school safety and operational services.

The initial phase of the project will include integration between ScholarChip's data center and the District's student information and security door access systems. Integration will set the stage for ScholarChip to provide a dual factor photo ID card--supporting both traditional proximity and contactless technology--to the District's 126,000 students and staff members. 

ScholarChip's Attendance Readers and Kiosks will rapidly take real-time attendance, both in the classroom and at the entrance to the building. BCPS students will use their contactless IDs to quickly "tap" into buildings, classrooms and buses.

Bus attendance represents a large step towards ensuring accountability for the whereabouts of all students. ScholarChip's bus attendance App color codes a student's presence or absence on the bus and alerts for exceptions. At the end of the route, students that have not tapped off are displayed. Cloud-based reports provide near to real time and historical bus attendance, as well as the last location at which a student tapped their smart ID. 

ScholarChip automatically reconciles attendance data, assisting personnel in establishing a school climate that is conducive to improving student behavior and school safety. By selecting ScholarChip, Baltimore County Public Schools has positioned itself to move toward a true one-card solution.

About ScholarChip®

ScholarChip has pioneered the concept of a centralized and integrated School Safety and Operations System-a true academic one card solution. To meet the growing need for mobile technology in schools, ScholarChip has developed Apps and smart ID cards that operate seamlessly with NFC mobile devices. In addition, ScholarChip's Higher Education services extend to high performance Tuition Payment Plans, Loan Servicing and a compliant Payment Gateway. 

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