N2EX Introduces Free RSA SecurID® Software Tokens for all N2EX Members


In order to increase flexibility and convenience, N2EX members will be able to switch from their current physical RSA Tokens to software based RSA authentication to access the CONDICO & SAPRI platforms.

From the 1st of March 2014 all expiring physical RSA Tokens will be replaced by software RSA tokens suitable for Windows PCs and most smartphones (including BlackBerry, IPhone and Android).

Existing physical tokens will continue to work until their expiry date and are still available should members prefer using them.


What do I need to do?

No action is required at this point. The member services team at NASDAQ OMX will contact all members prior to the expiry of their existing physical RSA Tokens.  Members will be given the option to switch to the new software based token or remain using physical tokens. The switching process is simple and all information including the installation guide and log in details can be sent by email.


How must do they cost?

Software RSA tokens will be free of charge for all N2EX members. If a member wishes to continue using physical RSA tokens, the applicable RSA token fee will apply for members who have more than the three tokens included in their annual membership.

– see the N2EX Fee Schedule for details.


For any questions, please contact:

Member Services Team

ms.n2ex@nasdaqomx.com +46 8 405 6660