STAMFORD, Conn., Feb. 7, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Bob Eick, a resident of Ridgefield and a partner in CRT Capital Group of Stamford, announced today he has filed papers and is running for the office of Connecticut State Treasurer.

Eick stated, "The State Treasurer is the Chief Investment Officer for Connecticut. We don't need career politicians for this job. That hasn't worked for the past 15 years with Denise Nappier as State Treasurer, judging by how the performance of Connecticut's pension funds consistently rank between 45- 50 in the United States- in the absolute bottom ranking in the country. Nappier's mismanagement and poor performance has cost Connecticut state employees millions of lost dollars in their pension funds. I am running for Treasurer because I have a passion to see Connecticut do better. Our state deserves better. This means Connecticut's policemen and women, firefighters, teachers- all their hard work has been compromised by the failed investments and strategy of Denise Nappier."

Eick, 51, grew up and went to school in Bridgeport and Fairfield and has lived almost his entire life in Connecticut. A graduate of Boston College, Eick was elected to the Fairfield Planning & Zoning Commission and ended his four-year term there as Vice Chairman. He also served on the Connecticut Development Authority as a member of their board, appointed by then Governor Jodi Rell.

Beginning his career with Merrill Lynch & Company, as one of just 12 chosen for their Corporate Intern Program, Eick worked in the equity research department. He then moved to the trading department in the Capital Markets division of Merrill Lynch. While working full time at Merrill, he attended and graduated from New York University's Graduate School of Business, earning an MBA from the Stern School.

In 1993, he was recruited to join Greenwich Capital Markets, a small investment bank in Connecticut. Eick rose to become a managing director at Greenwich Capital, later acquired by National Westminster Bank and then by the Royal Bank of Scotland. His specialty was fixed income securities and other financial instruments. He served on a variety of committees while with the firm and brought that experience to start a new venture.

In 2009, Eick and several partners purchased a controlling interest in Stamford based CRT Capital Group, LLC. Starting with approximately 90 people, Eick and his team recapitalized the firm, expanding their platform to become a preeminent investment firm currently employing almost 300 people. CRT has expertise in areas such as emerging markets, rates, corporate bonds, mortgages, investment banking and equities. From one office, they have grown and are located in Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta and Chicago, but the home office remains in Stamford, where the firm employs over 200 people.

Mr. Eick was also instrumental in mainstreaming the found footage movie genre with his support of five young filmmakers who brought The Blair Witch Project to the screen, serving as a producer. More information can be found online at the campaign's website, and on Facebook at


Bob Eick is running for Treasurer because it's time Connecticut has a Treasurer who knows about investing for the security of our state and our residents. A longtime supporter of Republican causes and candidates, he was appointed by then Governor Jodi Rell to serve on the Connecticut Development Authority as a member of their board. He was also elected to the Fairfield Planning & Zoning Commission, ending his four year term as Vice Chairman of the commission. Eick is an ardent supporter of Boston College, The Wooster School in Danbury, the Leary Firefighter's Foundation and served on the National Board of Gilda's Club, dedicated to helping women in their fight against cancer.