NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Feb 12, 2014) -  Plandaí Biotechnology (OTCQB: PLPL) has a real opportunity to be "first to market" with its Phytofare™ cannabis extracts, and it seems a new $15.3 million funding deal will go a long way to realizing that goal. The company's extracts will be used in both medical and pharmaceutical marijuana applications, and in what is either great business timing or a strong coincidence, Plandaí completed the funding commitment only days after finalizing its branding deal with Diego Pellicer.

In the company's announcement, Plandaí's CEO Roger Duffield said, "As we enter into production and commence sales in the coming months, it is important to have a strong balance sheet and the ability to continue our research in green tea, citrus and to brand our cannabis extracts under the Diego Pellicer Gold label." The CEO's comments make it clear that efforts to brand Plandaí's Cannabis extracts under the Diego Pellicer name are full steam ahead. It's a task made much easier with an institutional investor taking an interest in this biotech.

With a branding deal finalized, a strong funding commitment with an institutional investor in place, and a marijuana legalization debate in the U.S. still unfolding, Plandaí executives have a golden opportunity to sit at the head of the class when that legalization battle completely moves in favor of legitimate marijuana businesses. 

As co-founder of Diego Pellicer, Inc. and former Microsoft executive Jamen Shively says, there are advantages to building the brand first. "As an avid student and practitioner of the principles of marketing and branding, I can state with authority that "first to mind" in getting our powerful brands out into the marketplace early on, are proving decisive in capturing long-term market share."

Plandaí seems to be making all the right moves of late to strengthen the company moving forward. And, as the pieces continue to fall into place, being first to market, especially under the Diego Pellicer brand, should be a rewarding feat for investors.

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