SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Feb 13, 2014) -

Core News Facts:

  • EasilyDo, a smart personal assistant app that makes sure you never miss anything, today announced its next evolution that provides all mobile consumers with their own personal assistant.
  • The new app (available on iOS and Android) is faster, more intuitive, and more comprehensive:
    • Faster task discovery and execution - EasilyDo completes billions of searches to surface actionable tasks in seconds compared to other productivity assistants that take hours. Fast real-time travel alerts are complimentary for a short introductory period.
    • Smarter feed - Do Its are now organized in your feed based on what you care about and when, for example, travel information when you need it (boarding passes, hotel reservations, etc.) and traffic alerts when you typically start your commute.
    • Most comprehensive assistant - EasilyDo surfaces and completes tasks across the largest ecosystem, searching more than 300 apps and brands with new providers added every week.
      • Expansion of Birthdays feature and more actions - EasilyDo is now the ONLY smart assistant that finds birthdays and noteworthy events from contacts, LinkedIn, Facebook, and more with prompts to call, email, text, or post.
      • EasilyDo is the only mobile assistant app that automatically updates contacts from email conversations, eliminating the need to search through email for contact information.
      • Personal reminders - You can now set time-based reminders within EasilyDo that automatically surface at the right time.
  • Today, EasilyDo is also releasing their premium in-app service (for iOS, coming soon on Android) starting at a monthly fee of $4.99 or an annual subscription of $49.99. This service is for power users demanding an even faster and more powerful assistant.
    • Key recurring features include:
      • Enhanced, seamless and automatic contact management, surfacing and saving multiple contact details from email.
      • Real-time travel alerts for gate changes, flight delays and more (plus, EasilyDo alerts reach users faster than most airline notifications).
      • Immediate real-time email notifications for Gmail, Exchange, and IMAP call out important emails like boarding passes and restaurant reservations.
      • Ten percent off all gift cards purchased through EasilyDo.
      • Executive-level support to address customer questions and concerns immediately.

Mikael Berner, CEO and co-founder of EasilyDo
"So many personal assistant apps have changed their focus to a particular single area -- like calendars or travel -- because it's a really difficult experience to get right, but you shouldn't need a dozen apps to manage your life. Our goal with EasilyDo is to deliver a single tool built with care that takes away worry and gives you more time."

About EasilyDo:
EasilyDo is a smart assistant that gets the right information and gets things done. Founded in 2011 by Mikael Berner, former CEO of BeVocal, and Hetal Pandya, former Director at Nuance, EasilyDo is on a mission to reimagine and simplify how we get things done. The company is backed by Mayfield and USVP and is headquartered in Mountain View, Calif. For more information please visit

Contact Information:

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T: 415-684-9564