SAN MATEO, CA--(Marketwired - Feb 20, 2014) - Marketers want to be more accountable and spend their marketing dollars wisely, but they struggle to make sense of the immense amount of data from multiple sources now available to them for analysis. Beckon today announces the launch of its Marketing Performance Management (MPM) application that gives marketing leaders unprecedented clarity by uniting all the data that matters most so marketers can manage, measure and optimize spend across all channels. Beckon cuts through the chaotic state of marketing by automatically collecting, organizing and analyzing data from any source -- similar to how TripIt works its magic to organize travel details.

Unlike finance, sales and HR executives, who already have software that organizes their key data and makes their jobs easier, marketing execs have had no such solution for the constant onslaught of performance and spend data coming their way -- until now. Beckon combines planning and reporting functionality into one powerful application so that marketers can define clear objectives and targets, align the entire marketing organization to those goals, and report how marketing performance impacts the business as a whole.

"There are so many ways to spend our marketing dollars, and at the same time, tremendous pressure to justify the decisions we make," said Jennifer Zeszut, CEO and co-founder of Beckon. "The question 'what's working?' is harder to answer than ever before. With this launch, marketers finally have a platform for experimentation and accountability. Beckon delivers decision support for marketing in all its modern complexity."

The Beckon SaaS platform is easy to implement and requires no IT integration. It works seamlessly with whatever execution and reporting tools marketers already use. Beckon can pull in data from APIs and data warehouses, but users can also just cc: Beckon on all the reports that flood email inboxes today, including Excel spreadsheets, agency PDFs, email and social media reports, and PR firm PowerPoints.

Beckon is sophisticated enterprise technology that incorporates the best, most intuitive parts of consumer technology. Built by marketers for marketers, Beckon has "mapped the marketing genome" and has a pre-built taxonomy of channel-specific KPIs that tell it what to extract from incoming data sources and how to store and analyze it. The Beckon platform also automatically appends client-specific metadata as it comes in, which makes reporting and analysis a snap.

"Beckon has made our marketing data more actionable and timely," said Ray Elias, Chief Marketing Officer at StubHub. "Live entertainment is a fast-moving environment. If we take too long to analyze and react, we miss meaningful opportunities."

Beckon has been in stealth mode for two years, working with some of the world's most recognizable brands, including Nokia, BSkyB, StubHub and Union Bank.

Check out this video that shows the TripIt-like magic and game-changing power of Beckon:

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Beckon is performance management for marketing in all its modern complexity. Only Beckon brings together data management, planning, reporting and analytics in a simple, powerful, SaaS platform built by marketers, for marketers. It aggregates, normalizes, categorizes and analyzes all the data that matters to marketers and gives the world's best brands insight into what's working best across it all.

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