CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwired - Feb 20, 2014) - Risk I/O announced today the latest release of its SaaS-based vulnerability threat management platform. With this release, Risk I/O now offers a perimeter scan and a complete breach analysis showing the most likely entry points with a prioritized remediation list to quickly get to a lower risk of a breach. All of this information is summarized in an easy-to-read Risk Meter. Additionally Risk I/O is offering a free "Technology Threat Service" via RiskDB, identifying a technology's security risk based on known Internet breaches and attacks. This service allows users to assess the risk of deploying technologies into an environment.

"Vulnerability assessment and remediation is a daunting task for any business, particularly those with small security teams that are strapped for resources. There is such a vast amount of vulnerability data generated every day, many companies just don't know where to start," said Ed Bellis, CEO and cofounder of Risk I/O. "The Risk Meter is the only risk scoring technology that can provide a near real-time view of vulnerability and exploit risk based on insights from your own environment as well as threat and breach data. With Risk Meter scoring, you know which assets are most at risk, so you know exactly where to start. This saves time and helps reduce risk exposure."

Risk I/O's vulnerability threat management platform continuously aggregates attack data, breach data and exploit data from across the Internet. It then matches this data with an organization's vulnerability scan results on a near real-time basis to monitor exposure to active Internet breaches. With prioritized remediation lists, Risk I/O makes fixing vulnerabilities quick and efficient.

Highlights from the latest release of Risk I/O include:

  • Risk Meter Risk Scoring. With Risk I/O's unique Risk Meter scoring, security teams now have a prioritized view of their greatest exposure to known Internet breaches and exploits, in near real-time. The risk score includes a summary of the number of vulnerabilities found in each environment, as well as how many are easily exploitable, observed as breaches in the wild, and how many are popular targets.
  • Bundled Perimeter Scan. For businesses that need to understand their vulnerability and exploit risk in real-time but lack vulnerability scan data, Risk I/O now bundles a perimeter scan with its service. The perimeter scan can be up-and-running within minutes and allows organizations to start gaining visibility immediately.
  • Technology Threat Service. Leveraging Risk Meter scoring technology, Risk I/O now provides a free risk profile on any technology. The new RiskDB is a free, centralized, and open repository of security vulnerabilities sourced from vulnerability databases. It provides up-to-the-minute information on security-related software flaws, misconfigurations, vulnerabilities, and threat advisories that can be used to aid in vulnerability remediation and compliance. Security teams can now receive an immediate risk score in near real-time.

Risk I/O Data Scientist Michael Roytman recently noted in a research paper: "Any group dealing with a sizable environment isn't struggling with finding security defects, but rather with managing the mountain of data produced by their vulnerability assessments, penetration testing, and threat modeling in order to fix what's most important first."

"It's our goal to help companies understand their security risk and prioritize what is most important," continued Bellis. "By offering a free risk profile through RiskDB and a perimeter scan, any company can understand where they are most at risk regardless of the tools they have deployed."

About Risk I/O
Risk I/O is a vulnerability threat management platform that processes external Internet breach and exploit data with an organization's vulnerability scan data to monitor, measure and prioritize vulnerability remediation across their IT environment. As a result, organizations know their likelihood of experiencing a breach and what vulnerabilities pose the greatest risk. Risk I/O processes over a billion vulnerabilities a month against Internet breach data for its users. Backed by US Venture Partners, Tugboat Ventures, Costanoa Venture Capital, and Hyde Park Angels, Risk I/O is headquartered in Chicago, IL. More information about Risk I/O can be found at