IT – Reminder – INET Nordic – NASDAQ OMX to implement source IP validation on OUCH – (22/14)


As previously communicated in IT Notice 98/13, in order to further improve security on INET Nordic and to strengthen the protection of our exchange members, NASDAQ OMX will implement source IP validation for OUCH order entry ports in addition to the password protection already in place.

Changes on Existing Ports
Please provide your source IP details to NASDAQ OMX by submitting the attached form to Member Services no later than March 14, 2014. (We will not apply any restrictions on existing ports until the customer has provided the IP information.)

New Port Requests
As of today, new port requests for the Production environment must include details of the IP subnet(s) and/or single IP address(es) from which the customer intends to connect to its’ new OUCH order entry ports.


For further information concerning this IT Notice, please contact NASDAQ OMX Member Services:

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NASDAQ OMX Nordic and Baltic


IT Notice Reminder Source IP Validation on OUCH.pdf