Washington DC, March 10, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Webfortis LLC., a Gold Certified Microsoft Partner specializing in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, has released 5 (five) new solutions leveraging Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 for federal, state, and local government agencies. As part of their "Unleash Your CRM" initiative, these solutions are specifically designed to help government agencies enhance and improve business processes and productivity, taking advantage of new government mandates to increase agency efficiency, time to market, and to address budgetary concerns.

"Because these solutions are pre-built and run on Microsoft applications, they are delivered at a very low cost for agencies," said Marc Wolenik, CEO of Webfortis. "We specifically designed them to be highly functional out of the box, yet extendible to meet specific business requirements easily."

The solutions available as of March 1 are:

·         Investigative Case Management (ICM)

·         Legal Case Tracking (LCT)

·         IT Help Desk and Infrastructure Management (ITIM)

·         Employee Complaint Management (ECM)

·         Building Permit Management (BPM)

Additionally, Webfortis announces Public Records Tracker (PRT) 2.0, which significantly enhances FOIA tracking capabilities, adds new features for its public facing portal, and improves support for integrated document management and collaboration. 

"We are dedicated to exceeding our customers' desired business outcomes by leveraging technology to help solve complex business problems.  Our new products provide our customers baseline functionality that can easily accommodate unique requirements quickly and efficiently, providing them with what they need, while minimizing risk associated with traditional products.  "Sam Thepvongs, Webfortis Practice Manager, Public Sector.

To learn more about the solutions or to receive a trial, contact Webfortis at pubsols@webfortis.com

About Webfortis:

Webfortis,(http://www.webfortis.com) serves federal, state, and local governments, public safety and justice agencies, education, and non-profit organizations. With offices in Sacramento, Washington DC, San Francisco and Los Angeles, and with inclusion into the prestigious Presidents Club for Microsoft Dynamics, Webfortis is a recognized leader in public sector solutions. Having authored four top-selling books for both the deployment and integration of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Webfortis is a nationally recognized thought leader in system integration and an expert in deploying software applications across the Microsoft product line.

Sam Thepvongs, Practice Manager
Webfortis Public Sector Dynamics CRM
(703) 272-4957