CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwired - Mar 11, 2014) -  Luceo Solutions, provider of recruiting technology that takes the challenges out of hiring great talent, today announced that the company has been profiled in a recent Solution Provider Briefing report by research and analyst firm, Brandon Hall Group.

Today's recruiters and talent acquisition professionals face significant challenges in attracting and engaging the qualified individuals their organizations need to remain competitive and meet key business goals. From distributing job postings to the right sources to delivering positive candidate experience and onboarding processes, recruitment is often fraught with difficulties. Since its inception, Luceo has aimed to streamline these activities and make it easier than ever for recruiters to find talent and for candidates to apply.

The Brandon Hall report provides an overview of Luceo's intuitive, cloud-based platform and the numerous ways it simplifies the hiring process. For instance, the company was noted for its focus on the candidate, by eliminating barriers preventing them from connecting with potential employers and minimizing applicant drop-off. In addition, the company's exceptional customer service and commitment to working with clients to ensure alignment with business goals was also highlighted.

Compared to legacy application tracking systems, the report found that Luceo delivers robust, advanced toolsets, with key strengths being their ease of use and 'smart' search of candidate profiles. Moreover, the report highlighted Luceo's focus on the front-end user experience, specifically on delivering the best candidates experience, while enabling recruiters to do their jobs as quickly and easily as possible.

"In the increasingly crowded applicant tracking system market, many solution providers have engaged in a feature war -- focusing on bells and whistles at the expense of their core product," said Kyle Lagunas, Talent Acquisition Analyst at Brandon Hall Group.

"By setting its sights on usability first and foremost, Luceo has really set itself apart. But it's not just ease of use that makes Luceo so appealing to recruiters -- it's also their dedication to engagement: engagement of candidates, engagement of hiring managers, engagement of all key players in talent acquisition." He continued, "All told, Luceo's solution supports a more efficient and more effective hiring process."

"Luceo continues to bring new innovations and efficiencies to the talent acquisition landscape, providing small and midsize businesses with the tools they need to achieve their recruiting goals," said Mary Delaney, CEO of Luceo Solutions. "We are delighted that Brandon Hall has recognized the strengths of our talent management solutions and highlighted how we improve the recruiting efforts of our clients."

About Luceo
Luceo provides recruiting technology that takes the challenge out of hiring great talent. Our technology automates recruiting by making it easy for candidates to connect with companies and for companies to hire great candidates through an intuitive, cloud-based solution. 

Luceo's software, combined with consultation from our team of seasoned human resources experts, refines recruiting processes, automates workflows, streamlines communication between recruiters and hiring managers, and delivers measurable results.