NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Mar 14, 2014) - AudienceXpress, the leading programmatic TV platform and a subsidiary of Visible World, and Neustar, Inc. (NYSE: NSR), a trusted, neutral provider of real-time information and analytics, today announced a partnership to provide better insight into consumer preference while watching television. This partnership marks the first of its kind for TV audience targeting, and allows advertising campaigns on TV to be optimized in near real-time, using verified offline and online data from Neustar in conjunction with Smart TV data through the AudienceXpress platform.

AudienceXpress clients can now leverage Neustar's trusted consumer insight data in conjunction with TV data for TV campaigns in which Neustar's offline-to-online segmented audience data will be incorporated. In addition, advertisers who already use Neustar consumer insights data for display advertising campaigns can now leverage those same insights for TV campaigns, allowing them to target audiences more effectively through the AudienceXpress platform.

"Viewers have expanded beyond TV and are increasingly consuming content across multiple screens and channels. The challenge for advertisers is to effectively bridge the gap between online and offline audiences to maximize reach," said Ted Prince, senior vice president, Information Services, Neustar. "We have a long history in the online programmatic space and are committed to ensuring advertisers constantly have ready access to real-time, actionable intelligence to make better decisions. The AudienceXpress partnership underscores that commitment and allows us to apply programmatic principles to television, effecting significant change in a medium that has been slow to adapt."

"With the application of Neustar's comprehensive audience data, we'll see increased insights into TV viewing patterns," said Walt Horstman, President of AudienceXpress. "Incorporating online data into the AudienceXpress platform will bring TV campaign optimization to a new level."

With this partnership, advertisers are able to optimize their programmatic TV campaigns in-flight, based on data provided by TVs during the campaign. As TV viewership of a particular audience segment defined by Neustar changes, the AudienceXpress platform is able to automatically adjust the TV campaign to follow that audience. Neustar data insights are matched using TV data that is reported out daily, allowing for the campaign's in-flight optimization.

The partnership reflects the company's steady progress over the past year, as noted by Joe Mandese in his recent article on MediaPost, and delivers on the "promise to build out the data-targeting features of the platform to give TV buyers and sellers the same kind of front-end analytics that people are accustomed to using in the online world."

AudienceXpress is an automated ad sales and optimization platform that aggregates TV ad inventory, and marries it with audience data to allow marketers to easily plan, buy, optimize, and report on their audience-based TV campaigns. AudienceXpress and Neustar's partnership make it possible for marketers to automate, optimize, and merge campaigns across TV and online inventory. 

About AudienceXpress
AudienceXpress, a subsidiary of Visible World, is a leading programmatic TV buying platform that automates the planning, buying, optimization, and daily reporting of linear TV campaigns nationwide. AudienceXpress' web-based platform allows media buyers to optimize campaigns and reach target audiences quickly and easily. AudienceXpress offers simple, scaled delivery of a national audience, superior audience targeting technology, automated execution, and data-driven consumer insights.

About Neustar
Neustar, Inc., (NYSE: NSR) is a trusted, neutral provider of real-time information and analysis to the Internet, telecommunications, entertainment and marketing industries throughout the world. Neustar applies its advanced, secure technologies in routing, addressing and authentication to its customers' data to help them identify new revenue opportunities and network efficiencies, and institute cybersecurity and fraud protection measures. More information is available at

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