NASHVILLE, TN--(Marketwired - Mar 17, 2014) -  2014 has found many US companies still downsizing as they struggle to succeed against the pressures of today's economy, Brilliant Solutions, INC. has found a way to not only survive the wild of the business jungle, but instead to flourish into a triumphant business that shows no signs of impeded growth.

With unemployment still a prevalent battle so far in 2014, it is a wonder that Brilliant Solutions is continuing to grow at such a promising rate. With upcoming expansion into more retailers and a larger territory around the Washington D.C area, growth continues to boom from the Nashville based office located in the West End area.

The customer base for Brilliant Solutions has expanded from Business to Consumer efforts and even into popular retail and sports venues. In fact, their new Consumer Electronics Division has doubled in size in the last 10 months. This past year, Brilliant Solutions has also inked deals with Fortune 500 communication companies to launch new programs and continue their major expansion into more of the largest retailers in the country.

"It is my expectation that Brilliant Solutions will continue to grow as a dominant force throughout the Middle Tennessee region and beyond. My hopes in the upcoming years are to see Brilliant Solutions become not only the go-to standard for marketing, but also serve as a shining beacon for new industries of business to find success when times seem hard," says Zachary Kaplan, company President at Brilliant Solutions of Nashville.

Zachary Kaplan was asked how he thinks Brilliant Solutions has been able to grow despite the tough economy, and where he thinks the company is headed in the coming years. "I think there are two factors that have made it easy for us to grow. First, the downsizing of other companies with the economic crisis has turned into a perfect storm for us. Our large brand name clientele needed new business more than ever and this gave us the pick of the litter when hiring on new applicants for our Management Training Program. Second, the primary reason we are able to succeed is due to the fact that we bring buying power back into the hands of the retailers. With consumers bombarded with phone calls and thousands of pieces of mail daily, I knew it was time to reinvest in the power of brick and mortar retailers when most thought to get out, and that is exactly why Brilliant Solutions thrives." Kaplan expresses high hopes for the future by saying, "After we crush this year's first and second quarters, I expect the 2014 Holiday Season to produce the largest profits we have ever seen. The most important thing right now is to not let our foot off the gas."

With huge projections for the first and second quarter of this year, Kaplan has no doubt that this will be the biggest period for business to segue into 2015 with a powerful tailwind. "We will continually strive to be the best in class," says Kaplan, "because we can't rely on the past performance, and know the only way to succeed next year is to improve our overall drive and execution.

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