LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwired - Mar 17, 2014) - In an interview with AGL Small Cell Link, Ted Abrams, chief technology officer for Wi-Fi Wireless (PINKSHEETS: WFWL), explained how his company's WiFi My City program will be able to deploy successful municipal Wi-Fi networks, while others have failed.

AGL Small Cell Link: What is different now or better than it was in the past?

Abrams: "Now, technologies and market conditions are favorable for an innovative business model in combination with a partnership between the city, organizers of the project, technology vendors and wireless professionals."

AGL Small Cell Link: What is your approach to the municipalities?

Abrams: "WFWL is busy in several areas of the nation, teaching communities what they can do to rationalize the chaos of public spectrum and make citywide wireless internet work. WFWL believes that Internet access is as important to modern society as any public utility. As with any other public utility, cities must be involved. For the benefit of their residents, the starting point for each city is a partnership agreement with the Wi-Fi provider. Founded on that principle, the WFWL business model offers free Wi-Fi for every resident of the city, without ads."

AGL Small Cell Link: How does Wi-Fi fit into the other trends at work in the wireless world?

Abrams: "Wi-Fi and other public spectrum are essential to the network densification going on in the cellular world. There will be a coordinated HetNet integration with LTE and LTE-Advanced. In that mix, Wi-Fi offload is absolutely fundamental. Everything in the Wi-Fi network must be ready for carrier-grade communications, following a BYOD philosophy (friendly to all the new devices). It must become a part of the Networked Society, the Global Ecosystem, Zuckerberg's Internet.org and the synergies that those represent."

AGL Small Cell Link: Sum up the keys to success for municipal Wi-Fi.

Abrams: "A successful citywide public spectrum project grows from a solid relationship with the municipality, follows a professional RF engineering design, and uses state-of-the art wireless equipment. Finally, the business model must be innovative and pay off for all the stakeholders."

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