MONTEBELLO, NY--(Marketwired - Mar 18, 2014) - Oncology Services International (OSI) today announced the release of a white paper titled "Three Strategies for Reducing Oncology Costs While Maintaining Quality." The white paper is currently available by request.

"The healthcare industry is facing unprecedented financial pressure, causing organizations to search for new strategies to reduce expenses without impacting the delivery and quality of care," said Richard J. Hall, President and CEO of OSI. "As the largest independent service company in radiation therapy, OSI has unmatched expertise in helping oncology service providers achieve more using less resources. This white paper is one way we hope to share our insights and expertise to assist healthcare organizations."

The three strategies identified in the white paper include curtailing equipment expenditures, retaining existing equipment longer, and considering an independent service organization (ISO) for maintenance and service. The paper includes specific questions to ask when selecting an ISO and considering a refurbished equipment purchase.

OSI, founded in 1985, has a long history of satisfying customers by providing superior service at a reasonable price, positioning the company as the leading alternative to paying higher prices to the manufacturer for extended service. In addition to the most extensive service infrastructure in the industry, OSI also provides factory-tested Precision Certified radiation oncology medical devices.

Hall said, "Our leadership position as an alternative to OEM service has been achieved by providing the highest value, instituting the industry leading uptime guarantee of 99%, and by building the strongest team of Field Service Engineers in the industry. In today's challenging environment, our high quality value proposition is resonating with a growing number of customers."

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Oncology Services International (OSI) is the world leader in linear accelerator service as well as Precision Certified equipment and parts sales. Founded in 1985, OSI's team of more than 50 engineers provide ongoing service and maintenance on more than 220 linear accelerators and CTs. OSI's cost-effective solutions, accompanied by its industry-leading high touch service, has positioned OSI as the leading alternative to the traditional reliance upon the manufacturer for extended service. The company provides service 24/7 on all major brands in the United States, has sold its factory-tested Precision Certified radiation oncology medical devices in 30 countries, and offers global distribution of new and fully tested used parts. Learn more at

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