SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Mar 18, 2014) - Continuing its mission to make high quality, Free Range on pasture eggs accessible, the happy egg co. today announced it is expanding its distribution network with the addition of national grocery store chain, Safeway Inc. The happy egg brand can now be found in 400+ Safeway locations across Northern California, Southern California and Colorado, helping to meet the growing demand for eggs from humanely raised hens.

"We are very pleased to be able to announce our new partnership with Safeway across key consumer markets," said David Wagstaff, COO of Noble Foods Inc. "We look forward to driving consumer awareness of Free Range on pasture eggs and developing the Safeway egg category through the introduction of the happy egg co. brand."

Free Range on pasture eggs from the happy egg co. come from hens, or "the Girls," with daily access to acres of lush green pasture, plenty of clean water and nutritional feed, and care from expert family farmers. Packaged in a sunshine-yellow carton made of 100 percent recycled and compostable material, the happy egg co. stands out in the egg case for many reasons, not least its quality and color.

Setting the gold standard for happy hens, the happy egg co. has received a Certified Humane Raised and Handled® certification by Certified Humane®, a third-party animal welfare certification program that covers everything from living conditions to feed and the expertise of the caregivers. With expanded distribution to more than 400 Safeway locations throughout the western regions of the U.S., Free Range on pasture eggs from the happy egg co. are now conveniently available in 2,200+ grocery stores across the country.

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