PALO ALTO, CA--(Marketwired - Mar 19, 2014) - ClearStory Data, the company that's bringing Data Intelligence to everyone, today at GigaOm's Structure Data conference unveiled new data harmonization, in-memory data processing, and user model breakthroughs for faster data analysis spanning more internal and external sources. The advancements allow organizations to access, converge and harmonize dozens of disparate data sources on the fly for broad insights without requiring IT experts and long data manipulation cycles. Organizations seeking new insights can now tap into ever more sources of data and get fast answers.

ClearStory's expanded data harmonization capabilities are delivered through two major innovations:

  • ClearStory's patent-pending Intelligent Data Harmonization™ engine built on top of Apache Spark™
  • ClearStory's patent-pending Application that guides users to the most relevant data spanning many sources so all skill levels can reach holistic insights fast.

As organizations need to answer more complex data-driven questions daily, ClearStory lets businesses speed getting to insights. ClearStory's end-to-end 'Data Intelligence' solution is aimed at dramatically simplifying disparate data convergence through automated data harmonization, speeding data exploration, and enabling collaborative analysis to answer the unknown.

Last generation architectures rely on tedious data modeling steps, and place constraints on the number, type and scale of data sources that can be blended. As a result of all the cumbersome data preparation steps and scale constraints, getting to insights is slowed down with these traditional tools. Once initial insights are reached, any changes or iterations can require yet another painful round-trip data modeling effort. ClearStory's Intelligent Data Harmonization™ breakthroughs, from scalable processing, automated convergence and a new simple user model, are designed to remove this pain and open new doors in any line of business. 

"ClearStory's solution, from its underlying system to the end user application, lets organizations combine disparate data and reach data-driven decisions faster by leveraging the advantages of Spark-based data processing," said Matei Zaharia, Databricks CTO and creator of Apache Spark. "With Spark underpinning ClearStory, users benefit from dynamic data source convergence that scales to dozens of data sources and insights that are super fast and interactive to accelerate decision making. Traditional analysis solutions just can't deliver the speed and scale that Spark-powered solutions like ClearStory can deliver."

The new advances in ClearStory's Data Harmonization announced today include:

  • Push-Button Data Harmonization Across Sources: ClearStory now allows users to dynamically converge dozens of disparate data sources on the fly, eliminating traditional data modeling, long cycles and IT experts. Users can converge data from different sources and reach holistic insights in minutes, iterating on their own schedules to explore granular insights.

  • Speed: ClearStory designed its Intelligent Data Harmonization™ Engine with Apache Spark from the ground up to make fast disparate data access and analysis finally possible, enabling businesses to gain same-day insights and make real-time decisions. With the integration of the latest release of Spark, data harmonization and visual exploration of data is further accelerated.

  • Simple, Guided User Interface and Data Scoring: To make it easy to discover data that blends well with and guides toward other relevant data sources of interest, users are now presented with an even simpler user model for harmonizing disparate sources via a new 'data harmonization score.' This intuitive data scoring model further simplifies data blending for the purpose of a fast, harmonized insight.

"ClearStory's ability to handle a wide variety of data sources and analyze and visualize them in a way that is easily consumable by nontechnical users holds great appeal and is a strong differentiator when used in tandem with a front end built with easy navigation in mind," said Krishna Roy, Analyst, Data Platform and Analytics Team, 451 Research. "ClearStory's introduction of Intelligent Data Harmonization™ to integrate a variety of different types of information should really speed up reaching new insights for business-oriented analysis."

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ClearStory Data is bringing next-generation Data Intelligence to everyone in order to accelerate the way businesses get answers across any number of data sources. By dramatically simplifying data access to internal and external sources, harmonizing disparate data on-the-fly, and enabling fast, collaborative exploration, ClearStory Data's end-to-end solution includes an integrated platform and incredibly simple user application. The company is backed by Andreessen Horowitz, Google Ventures, Kleiner Perkins Caulfield & Byers and Khosla Ventures. To keep up with how the world is becoming more Data Intelligent, visit and follow us on Twitter @ClearStoryData.

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