LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwired - Mar 19, 2014) - Disruptive sneaker start-up the Groove Revolution (GRV) announces the launch of the world's first sneakers with natural leather soles to cure the bad dancing epidemic and alleviate female frustration with most guys today who won't even try to dance, which is unprecedented in human history.

From the dawn of mankind through the Rock & Roll Revolution, guys danced frequently and their feet could twist, spin, slide, and groove in natural soles that enable fun, natural motions to music. Today, though, most guys rarely even attempt to dance unless they drink enough liquid courage, or they just stand there bobbing their heads or 'fist pumping.' Why? What caused this insidious plague of lameness?

To quote Mars Blackmon, "Money it's gotta be the shoes!"

Over the past 30-40 years, the sneaker boom -- led by Nike's ingenious marketing & innovations -- has unwittingly ruined dancing for nearly every guy born since the 1970s. While women can still dance at nightclubs in heels with natural low-traction levels, guys' feet are stuck in ridiculously unnatural rubber traction that blocks fun natural motions like twisting, spinning, sliding, and grooving.

Rob Corbett, inventor of GRV shoes, was once like most guys today; he never danced. Then one night at Tipitina's in New Orleans, the floor was wet and his Puma sneakers started grooving around like never before. At that moment he realized that he had felt this feeling before... at weddings, which is the only time guys today ever wear leather soles and as a result, the only time most guys today ever dance. So Rob searched for cool, comfortable shoes with leather soles, but they didn't exist; so he started making GRV shoes to unlock his natural groove. Now Corbett moves so smoothly that James Brown's grandson Jason Brown, part of the GRV team, says Corbett is "The Funkiest CEO Alive."

However, Corbett says, "It's the shoes. I'm just the first guy who can move naturally again. The Groove Revolution will unlock the most fun phenomenon since the Rock & Roll Revolution because that was the last generation who rocked in shoes that enabled natural moves. So when today's generation starts groovin' their feet naturally for the first time in their lives, it will unleash a cultural tidal wave of fun."

For more information, read the recent article on NiceKicks.com or visit http://GRVshoes.com.

The Groove Revolution (GRV) is a movement to get everyone rocking into a better mood every day. No talent required. No judging allowed. Just have fun. Just Groove. It starts with our shoes. Free Your Soul from Rubber Soles.

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