IRVINE, CA, March 19, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Up-and-coming tech company Sqeeqee (pronounced "squeaky") made a weekend of it airing the company's recently released 30-second TV commercial -- along with a variety of other great entertainment -- while interviewing spectators on camera at the Daytona 500. The three-day event, which ran from February 21st - February 23rd, took place at the Daytona "Speedway Village" area, located not far from the raceway's main entrance. Crowds gathered, making Sqeeqee's appearance something of an event in its own right.

VIDEO: Sqeeqee's Appearance at Daytona 500

Quizzing spectators on Internet and social media topics, Sqeeqee's representative created an entertaining addition to the race day festivities. Though many of those interviewed had no idea how to correctly answer the questions, the interviews were all in good fun and interviewees demonstrated great sportsmanship, thoroughly enjoying themselves while learning much that they didn't know before about social networking.

VIDEO: Sqeeqee's National Television Commercial including MTV

With an audience in excess of 1.2 million (60 percent male and 40 percent female), this year's Daytona 500, with its Jumbotron big-screen technology, provided the perfect venue for delivering great entertainment to the crowds. Sqeeqee's screen featured such big names/brands as Michael Douglas, Danny DeVito, Whoopi Goldberg, Ludacris & Tim Tebow, National Geographic, Fruit of the Loom, and more.

Sqeeqee CEO Enthusiastic about Empowering Users While Building Recognition for the Brand

Sqeeqee CEO Jenny Q. Ta commented on the company's bid for greater attention for the brand, stating that "Sqeeqee has reached the point where we are ready to go all out in our bid to gain widespread brand recognition for an outstanding platform that offers users an unprecedented opportunity to monetize all their social media profiles from a single central platform." Ta, a successful Wall Street broker, who founded Sqeeqee after creating two successful Wall Street brokerage firms, is just as excited about the possibilities the Sqeeqee platform is bringing users as she is about the opportunities for wider exposure that sporting events like the Daytona 500 are creating for the brand.

VIDEO: Howard Stern talks about on Sirius XM Radio

Says Ta: "We want to do everything we can to put greater power into the user's hands -- power to access a wider audience while achieving a variety of energetic monetization goals. To that end, we plan to continue making the Sqeeqee platform better and better in an effort to meet the needs of all our users -- while attracting others who can also experience the power of the Sqeeqee Social Networthing model. Right now, our primary goal is to get the word out about the amazing opportunity we've created for both businesses and everyday users to leverage the Sqeeqee platform to create wealth."

Upcoming Events Where Spectators Can Catch the Sqeeqee Crew

Part of the plan to garner even greater recognition for the Sqeeqee brand includes the company's ongoing representation at the following upcoming sporting events, where the Sqeeqee crew will again join in the fun while sharing great on-screen entertainment with appreciative crowds:

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Indy 500 (IRL): The Number-One highest-attended sporting event in the world, the Indianapolis 500 will run from May 23rd through May 25th. The three-day event is expected to draw a crowd of 1.3 million attendees over the course of the weekend and will feature a screen runtime of 12 hours per day.

Brickyard 400 (NASCAR): The second highest-attended sporting event in the world, the Brickyard 400 will run from July 25th through July 27th. The three-day event is expected to draw a crowd of 1.2 million attendees over the course of the weekend and will feature a screen runtime of 12 hours per day.

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Green Bay Packers (NFL) 2014 Season: Running from September through December, the Green Bay Packers' four-month NFL season is the highest ranking tailgating experience in North America, attracting more than 750,000 home-game attendees. Each of the season's eight games will feature a 12-hour screen runtime.

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About Sqeeqee: A Powerful Social Commerce Platform for the Digital Generation, which is free to join, is an innovative social commerce platform designed to enable its members of individuals, business entities, start-ups, celebrities, politicians, and non-profit organizations to begin moving toward their goals by providing the ability to monetize their social presence, while also establishing long-lasting connections that can assist them in reaching their networthing™ goals. Sqeeqee differentiates itself by creating a new action-oriented online platform that unites worldwide users through a single hub. The site's innovative system allows users to make money doing what they already do online: building a network of associates, post status updates, share pictures, host videos and browse pages in line with their interests.

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