SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - April 08, 2014) - CrowdOptic, a maker of mobile and wearable broadcasting applications for live events, today announced the availability of its trailblazing software for broadcasting over Google Glass. 

CrowdOptic introduced the technology, which enables Google Glass broadcasts out to an entire pro sports arena, to the NBA in 2013, where it was quickly adopted by major organizations including the Sacramento Kings, Indiana Pacers and Orlando Magic.

The software, which electrifies crowds by streaming the first-person views from courtside talent and athletes wearing Google Glass, is also now in use by dozens of new customers in the NBA, NFL and MLS, including the San Jose Earthquakes.

CrowdOptic works by letting selected Google Glass wearers in an arena - such as the players or mascot - share their views with the crowd (through CrowdOptic's Broadcast-In feature), as well as broadcast out to an entire sports arena through the jumbotron (CrowdOptic's Broadcast-Out feature).

CrowdOptic's patented clustering technology recognizes a signal above the noise of a wired crowd; it detects when two or more observers are watching the same thing (when something significant happens) and instantly captures the live video streams from those devices. This capability is essential for automated crowdsourcing of live video from Google Glass, to ensure that significant and high quality video makes the cut.

To deliver enterprise-grade performance over Wi-Fi, CrowdOptic has also partnered with industry-leading providers Extreme Networks and SignalShare.

"Broadcasting live from multiple Glass units simultaneously in high-density Wi-Fi environments is very challenging, and CrowdOptic is pioneering the effort," said Rob Laycock, Vice President of Marketing, Pacers Sports & Entertainment.

Said Brent Iadarola, Global Program Director Mobile & Wireless Communications, Frost & Sullivan: "Working with the first pro sports teams to adopt Google Glass broadcasting, CrowdOptic has demonstrated that the live streaming technology is not only exciting for crowds but is also suitable for deployments on an enterprise scale."

About CrowdOptic

CrowdOptic is a new crowd-powered "heat" signal -- the next evolution of location-based services that recognizes the hottest crowd activity in real time as it occurs, and also after the fact, through powerful analytics. By tracking where electronic devices are located and where they are pointed, CrowdOptic can instantly filter mobile media and create new opportunities for eyewitness engagement. CrowdOptic identifies, tags and rebroadcasts the live event experience to the world, on mobile, social TV and second screens. CrowdOptic is used around the world to power a wide range of apps that let users aim their phones to connect, report news, find friends, alternate broadcasts, cast a vote and discover others who share their focus and interests. CrowdOptic is a privately-held, venture-backed company based in San Francisco.

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