TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - April 10, 2014) - CST Investor Services, Inc., (CST) announced today the launch of its newest business line, CST Ownership Intelligence. The product offering provides fully customized, comprehensive investor relations services, which include capital markets consulting, tax and regulatory analysis and credit markets intelligence.

"CST Ownership Intelligence can provide the personal and consultative service that issuers need to fully understand their investor base," said Mark C. Healy, President and Chief Executive Officer of CST. "In today's intricate market, it's imperative to know who your institutional investors are and to constantly communicate with them. CST Ownership Intelligence helps issuers accomplish this important task."

CST Ownership Intelligence assists issuers in developing a strong understanding of their real-time institutional stakeholders, allowing them to prioritize their investor relations outreach efforts. As a data-neutral solution, CST Ownership Intelligence is not limited to a proprietary database and can utilize multiple resources to provide in-depth, unbiased analysis and insight.

"CST Ownership Intelligence combines the industry's top investor relations talent with fully customizable services to provide a compelling offering unmatched within the industry," said Thomas G. Kies, Executive Vice President. "We proactively supply issuers with relevant capital markets and company-specific analysis that saves them valuable time and money."

About CST Ownership Intelligence

CST Ownership Intelligence provides clients with capital markets consulting, regulatory compliance certification and credit markets intelligence. The CST Ownership Intelligence team assists clients in obtaining the information and analysis they need to capitalize on relationships with key investors.

About CST

CST Investor Services, Inc., (CST) is part of the Link Group, an international network of providers of transfer agent and employee plan services. Headquartered in Toronto with offices in Halifax, Montreal, Calgary and Vancouver, CST provides issuers with global solutions through local service. CST, CST Trust Company and their U.S. affiliate, American Stock Transfer & Trust Company, LLC, (AST) form the North American division of the Link Group. This division provides service to over 8,000 public issues and more than 5.5 million shareholders in over 22 foreign countries, ranging in size from initial public offerings to Fortune 100 companies.

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