PALO ALTO, CA--(Marketwired - April 10, 2014) - Axwave Inc. is leading the way in audio recognition. The popular music and movies tagging service added automatic discovery to its Android app. The new feature lets users discover any song that's playing on the radio without having to press one button.

With its new feature, GSOUND can run completely in the background and automatically identify millions of songs, movies and TV shows while the phone is locked or the user is on another app that doesn't use the microphone. "It's a great way to know and remember what you listened to while in a car, at a club, at a movie or simply whenever your phone is in your pocket," Axewave's CEO Damian Scavo said. Users can listen to songs and later review what they've liked and interact with all tagged songs. They can buy them on 7digital, listen to them on 8Tracks or look up lyrics.

Of course, one of the concerns with constantly running automatic discovery is battery life. Loris d'Acunto, CTO of Axwave, argues that playing a video game for 10 minutes is equivalent to 10 hours of background listening.

Instead of making users constantly look for their phones in order to activate the recognition technology, GSOUND enables them to sit back and browse through all the tags at a later point in time. In order to illustrate this, Damian Scavo said to picture yourself driving in a car and listening to the radio. You are jamming to a new song but the minute you park your car the song is not playing anymore and you cannot remember its name. This isn't a problem anymore. With GSOUND's auto-discovery you can now browse through all the songs you listened to and remember the ones you liked. 

Axwave Inc. is based in Palo Alto, CA, the company is committed to creating world-transforming sound innovation. Axwave's exclusive technology is able to create interactive TV experiences that change the way of mobile advertising. For more information about Axwave, please visit or take a look at the app on Playstore: