SAN JOSE, CA--(Marketwired - Apr 14, 2014) - Xangati, a leading provider of VDI and cloud performance management solutions, today announced the XSR11 upgrade to its industry-leading suite of software tools that employ a 360-degree, cross-silo approach to provide live and continuous monitoring of an organization's mission-critical virtualized infrastructure. Over 300 customers, including Comcast, EBay, and the US Army, trust Xangati's solutions to gain unprecedented performance management of their cloud and VDI (Virtual Desktop Interface) environments.

The new suite incorporates the Xangati Executive Dashboard, which provides an executive-level view of VDI and VI (Virtual Infrastructure) components of the network, including detailed recordings and reporting. Unlike early-generation tools for managing the highly virtualized network, Xangati focuses on network performance, availability, and capacity utilization -- both instantaneously and over time -- providing continuous real-time feedback for workload performance management in virtualized environments.

"The front-end simplicity of today's virtualized solutions are designed to mask most of the underlying complexity they truly require, and that can leave IT managers scratching their heads when things just don't work right. Performance management solutions like Xangati's XSR11 provide the detailed, real time and historical data needed to track down and correct these tricky problems when they occur." -- Steven Hill, Senior Analyst, Data Center Solutions, Current Analysis

Xangati's unique weighted capacity index ensures that customers achieve maximum capacity utilization without experiencing the "contention storms" that could degrade performance of virtualized network infrastructure. Armed with real-time views of network activity, IT personnel can use Xangati's health-score measurements -- key performance indicators (KPIs) of network infrastructure -- to provide a single, consolidated view of multiple applications and multiple platforms. Personnel can even take look-ahead views to determine whether or when network performance will decline, and can then take quick remedial action to maximize the ROI of their network infrastructure and to ensure that they meet SLA commitments.

"Using Xangati, we can maximize the leverage of our virtualized environment while providing the performance assurance that our users expect," said Jake Hammond, Manager, Network Operations at RG Barry, a leading developer and marketer of fashionable, functional retail accessories. "Xangati allows us to understand and optimize the performance of our network infrastructure by providing us a rich set of KPI's for effective decision-making. It's like we've suddenly been given x-ray vision into our entire environment."

Typical Xangati customer use cases and business benefits include:

  • Faster Time-to-Resolution - Accelerating time-to-resolution by more than 70 percent, improving asset utilization and operational efficiency
  • Reduced VDI Login Times - Identifying and providing remediation recommendations for contention storms, reducing VDI login times from 3-to-5 minutes to less than 30 seconds
  • Scaling Virtualized Infrastructures - Scaling to a 98 percent virtualized infrastructure in less than one quarter, utilizing intelligence insights and recommendations from Xangati

"MyDashboard" Enables Customizable Analyses
The Xangati MyDashboard allows users to customize their views to include, for example, just a particular application, or just the activity of a particular data center, cost center, or department -- according to individual need or preference -- to create a comprehensive aggregated performance index or even to create a live view of activity at a particular instant. Or a customized view can be built around multiple objects of the same type, such as groups of virtual machines, desktops, desktop pools, hosts, datastores, network interfaces, or physical endpoints or servers. MyDashboard therefore extends the benefits of real-time performance monitoring to business-unit executives and managers, allowing them to better manage application workloads in their virtualized environments.

The Xangati suite also incorporates the company's StormTracker technology, which tracks and analyzes contention storms on the network, and for any virtualized workloads, whether VDI, VI or VNI (Virtual Network Infrastructure). Any authorized user, and even external users with authorization, can then submit a Visual Trouble Ticket, through which end-user issues can be tracked on a recording portal integrated with the organization's service desk. This capability extends even to WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation), allowing administrators to specify multiple sets of global credentials to facilitate support for multiple Windows domains, to enable or disable WMI access globally or to individual Windows machines, or to perform bulk updates for WMI configuration.

"Even the highest-performing and best-managed cloud environments can be afflicted by storage storms, CPU storms, memory storms, and boot storms, crippling applications and disrupting end-user experiences," said Sundi Sundaresh, CEO of Xangati. "With StormTracker, you can immediately identify storms and gain second-by-second insights, proactively track their impact, and quickly remediate them. The benefits are twofold: organizations can not only maximize the ROI on their network infrastructure, but now have the ironclad performance stats they need to meet SLA commitments to their users."

Available Now 
Xangati XSR11 is available immediately for new and existing customers. For more information, visit, inquire at, or call +1 408-252-0505.

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Xangati is the recognized leader for cloud and workload performance management solutions. Over 300 customers among enterprises, government agencies, healthcare organizations, educational systems and cloud providers use Xangati's solutions to gain unprecedented performance management of their cloud and VDI environments. Xangati's solutions built on patented technology proactively track the health of key IT metrics that impact the performance of applications and users, accurately diagnose the cause of any performance bottleneck and recommend remedial action when a bottleneck is discovered. Organizations like EBay, Comcast, British Gas, Guess, Colliers International, Univita Health, DTCC, Harvard University and the US Army use the Xangati Management Dashboard suite of solutions with its massively scalable live and continuous recording ability to ensure their business-critical applications perform at optimal levels. Xangati is headquartered in Silicon Valley and can be found online at

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