SAN DIEGO, CA--(Marketwired - Apr 15, 2014) - Memjet, a global leader in color printing technologies, today announced the launch of Aspen, a page-wide color inkjet print engine. Aspen is optimized for on-demand, high-quality color printing label and commercial presses, boasting speeds of 225 feet per minute, full dot control and flexible configurations for retro-fitting printers with digital capabilities.

"Customers value full control and real-time, precise printed material, and a guarantee that what's on the screen is exactly what's printed -- down to shading and line values," said Gus Piccin at Memjet. "OEMs and print shops with Memjet-powered technology can deliver value in the form of that control. Accurate, real-time printed material is a reality, and an avenue for opportunity and growth."

Aspen enables print shops to ensure the accuracy of the data pipeline, in which information is transferred to the actual printer, with full dot control. By directing the precise dot placement, Aspen transfers the power to end-users to control what is printed on the page including color, exact shape, shading, line values and gradation. Full dot control also equips print shops with overall higher print quality. The dot precision provides improvements in the half-toning of the system for robust, smooth tones that translate to photographic quality. Aspen also features 70,400 nozzles that deliver millions of ink drops per second, and the page-wide printhead proves 1,600 dpi native print resolution in full process color.

The print engine is easily integrated with existing or legacy hardware, allowing presses to be enhanced with digital capability without the high cost or time required to rip and replace infrastructure. Aspen delivers flexible integration into standalone printers, OEM-designed systems and multi-station production lines. Specifically, Aspen is available in three configurations:

  • A single print engine as a standalone printer
  • Two print engines mounted side-by-side for up to 17 inch wide media Web allowing B size printing
  • Four print engines for double Web and duplex printing on the same Web

The ease of integration also allows presses to be seamlessly updated with future technology developments, without a large cost burden. This aligns with Memjet's continued developments in printing speeds. Aspen exhibits printing speeds of 225 feet per minute, an advancement from 165 feet per minute of Memjet's previous print engine generation. The ease of integration ensures customers will be able to keep pace with technology evolutions in the market.

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