WESTFORD, MA--(Marketwired - Apr 15, 2014) - QuitKick USA has introduced a new, battery-operated kit that humanely stops horses from stall kicking to prevent injury, reduce farrier and veterinarian visits, and bring quiet back to the barn. It is easy to install and can be transported for use at shows.

The QuitKick Total Stall System humanely stops horse stall kicking behavior without human interaction by spraying two jets of water in one-second bursts after the horse kicks. Featuring wireless sensors for mounting on the wall near where the horse usually kicks, and a main unit that mounts at the front of the stall; kicking instantly causes the horse to get sprayed and modifies the behavior because the water spray is associated with its own kicking.

Since the QuitKick Total Stall System only activates when the horse kicks, continual use reinforces the horse's new non-kick behavior. According to experts, owners should never reinforce kicking by providing food when the horse kicks. Easily transportable for travel to shows, the kit includes all mounting hardware, rechargeable batteries, and a battery charger.

The QuitKick Total Stall System kit sells for $485.00 complete. Dealer inquiries are invited. Literature is available at www.quitkickusa.com .

About QuitKick USA

QuitKick USA was founded in 2012 by a horse lover who discovered this humane and efficient way to stop horses from stall kicking. Today, the company is the only authorized importer of QuitKick Systems from QuitKick, LLP in the United Kingdom. All systems are assembled in the USA with North American electronics and are tested, packaged, shipped, and serviced from here.

The QuitKick total stall system was developed for the North American market and works quickly and effectively, because it produces a 100% consistent response that human interaction cannot replicate. Once installed, QuitKick training requires no human interaction; the horse teaches itself to stop kicking in its stall.

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