VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwired - April 15, 2014) - nTrust the global, online peer-to-peer money transfer platform, today lowered their international money transfer fees to $4.99 CAD per transaction - making nTrust the most competitive method for sending and receiving money abroad.

Under the new fee structure, nTrust members can now transfer money internationally between one another for a single low fee of $4.99 CAD. Fee transparency and clarity is one of the most important factors to nTrust, especially in an industry where there are so many hidden consumer fees. For this very reason, consumers will be able to easily locate nTrust's flat fee structure, which is prominently displayed on their website.

The new fee structure was built in support of the World Bank's "5X5" initiative, which calls upon global leaders and money transfer operators to reduce fees for migrant workers, most of whom send money back home. By changing the rate to 5%, from the global average of 10%, an estimated $16 billion will be put back into the hands of these workers' families each year.

"We are committed to providing secure and trusted tools for communities worldwide, especially those in developing countries," says Rod Hsu, CXO at nTrust. "By offering such competitive international money transfer fees, we are ensuring that our members' hard earned funds make it into the hands of their loved ones abroad - providing food, clothing, shelter, and in many cases, helping to fuel the economy."

About nTrust

nTrust is a regulated and trusted global peer-to-peer money transfer platform helping people free their money. Using Cloud Money, nTrust members can move money around the globe as fast and seamlessly as sending a text by uploading funds into their personal Cloud directly from their bank accounts, credit or debit cards, or other funding methods. Once a member's Cloud is loaded, funds can be instantly exchanged to other currencies, used to pay bills or merchants, loaded to an nTrust Cloud Money prepaid MasterCard® or conveniently sent to other members around the world. nTrust's proprietary technology uses the highest encryption standards and is "PCI-DSS Level 1" certified - the top global standard for operational and technical security designed by Visa, MasterCard® and American Express.

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