VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwired - April 15, 2014) - Port Metro Vancouver and Metro Vancouver have come together to improve the monitoring of air quality on the Burrard Inlet. Port Metro Vancouver will fund the purchase and installation of several new air quality and meteorological monitoring sites, to supplement existing air quality monitoring stations operated by Metro Vancouver. The additions include two full stations that continuously monitor air quality and meteorological information, two meteorological sites, and four passive (non-continuous) sites, all in the East Vancouver area of Burrard Inlet. In addition, Port Metro Vancouver will also fund a portion of three years of operating costs associated with the passive sites. Metro Vancouver will operate and maintain the monitoring stations. The two organizations will also provide funding for air quality dispersion modelling in the Burrard Inlet area.

"As we address growing demand for trade to and from Canada, it is increasingly vital that Port Metro Vancouver balance that growth with the need to protect our environment and maintain the quality of life of our neighbours," said Carrie Brown, Acting Director of Environmental Programs at Port Metro Vancouver, "These new air quality and meteorological monitoring stations will ensure we have more complete data to inform actions and programs in relation to air quality around the Burrard Inlet."

Port Metro Vancouver is collaborating with port industry, governments and other stakeholders to lead in environmental innovation and sustainability. From shore power and the Northwest Ports Clean Air Strategy, to the Container Truck Licensing System and EcoAction, this work is being increasingly recognized, as evidenced by a recent nod from Corporate Knights' Future 40 ranking, and endorsement of the EcoAction program by Sir Richard Branson's Carbon War Room.

"As our communities continue to grow alongside a growing port, we are committed to maintaining some of the best air quality in the world," Heather Deal, Chair of Metro Vancouver's Environment and Parks Committee said. "Enhanced monitoring in these communities will allow us to track air quality improvements and help us refine our air quality actions to further reduce emissions."

Through Metro Vancouver's Board Strategic Plan a commitment has been made for clean, clear and healthy air for current and future generations. Caring for the Air remains a priority for Metro Vancouver with air quality improvements realized throughout the region. Key strategies and actions have allowed Metro Vancouver to work with municipal, industrial and commercial stakeholders to protect public health and the environment, improve visual air quality and minimize the region's contribution to global climate change.

Metro Vancouver's air quality programs are informed by comprehensive monitoring, which helps identify key sources contributing to air quality issues, and track progress towards improving air quality. This new monitoring initiative builds on monitoring conducted around Burrard Inlet from 2008 to 2010, and will further the understanding of air quality in communities on Burrard Inlet including Grandview-Woodlands, Strathcona, Gastown and Coal Harbour.

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