PALO ALTO, CA--(Marketwired - April 16, 2014) - Axwave Inc., creator of GSOUND, the newest, most innovative mobile app that brings people closer to the movies, music and TV shows they love, enters a new era of live TV discovery. GSOUND is now able to recognize over 250 TV channels in the US including satellite and cable for both the east and the west coast. With this, GSOUND provides the largest US TV coverage and leads the TV recognition market.

"Using the phone while watching TV is the next big thing. People want to connect with what they are watching on screen," said Axwave CEO, Damian Scavo. GSOUND makes this possible. It brings people closer to the TV programs they love by recognizing movies, TV shows or advertisements in just a few seconds. Once identified, GSOUND connects TV viewers directly with the products seen on TV and provides links to help purchase them on Amazon. With just one click people can instantly share their favorite TV moments with friends, or dive into discussions about their favorite shows on Twitter and Facebook. They can even connect with the actors they love on IMDB, or find out more about the story lines they are watching.

GSOUND continues to be available for free on Android and iOS.

With its new iOS and Android update, Axwave revolutionizes the power of connected TV. GSOUND doesn't stop at recognizing the program, but understands the subject of the program being watched. According to Loris D'Acunto, Axwave's CTO, "If they talk about Tesla on the news, GSOUND will be able to recognize it and let users find additional information about Tesla."

Axwave has had a very busy month. In addition to the successful release of its new exclusive app update, Axwave announced that it would offer its recognition technology to App developers.This will open doors for a whole new era of second screen and mobile advertising. 

Axwave Inc. is based in Palo Alto, CA, the company is committed to creating world-transforming sound innovation. Axwave's exclusive technology is able to create interactive TV experiences that change the way of mobile advertising. For more information about Axwave, please visit or take a look at its app: or