Real Estate Crowdfunding: Going Beyond Dubai's Burj Khalifa and the Empire State Building

Get ready for the Global Real Estate Crowdfunding Conference II this 24 April 2014, Thursday, in New York, a full-day event organized and hosted by The Soho Loft, Victoria Global and FundingPost and sponsored by Times Realty News, Patch of Land, Global Crowd News, LDJ Capital, and Stock & Fund Managers.

New York, New York, UNITED STATES

New York, April 16, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- After the astounding success of the first real estate investing conference last 14 November 2013 where Barry Sternlicht of Starwood Capital  and the  leading real estate crowdfunding firms inspired and equipped the crowd,  real estate investors and industry professionals hanker for more.

This 2nd Global Real Estate Crowdfunding Conference, like its predecessor, is working hard to be not your average and typical real estate conference.

It should not be hard: Crowdfunding has been growing by leaps and bounds in recent times. It's clear that this traction that real estate crowdfunding produces will even go far and wide.  As a tradition, when a company wants to take their business venture another notch higher, they employ conventional ways to raise funds - that is, seeking out banks and professional investors to secure that much-needed capital. However, entrepreneurs are now able to raise funds from a group of smaller investors via online crowdfunding platforms.  

"Crowdfunding platforms for real estate allows even non-accredited investors to invest directly in their local community or city," says David Drake, founder and chairman of The Soho Loft. "To a great extent, this has impacted several neighborhoods as people built places they cared about through public ownership," Drake adds.

The rehabilitation of the iconic Marcus Bookstore in Washington, DC, through the platform Fundrise, is one example of this. On the other end of the spectrum, BD Bacata, the first and tallest skyscraper in Bogota, Colombia, which raised over $200 million from over 3,500 investors through Prodigy Network, is one of the largest capital raise in the history of crowdfunding to date.

The conference then offers a unique window into a historical and monumental shift in real estate investing. If you are involved in real estate or closely following the changes and journey of this industry, you have to be there where the action is  to  witness history unfold.

But it offers more than that. The conference will also feature the roles and opportunities for family offices, venture capital, angel networks and private equity who are now looking to support and strengthen the infrastructure needed by crowdfunding platforms, firms and investors.

​​Peer-to-peer real estate lending via crowdfunding platforms allows for a symbiotic work towards the goal of building communities and growing wealth. Carlo Tabibi, a 20-year real estate veteran, co-founder and CEO of Patch of Land believes that ​ the impact of the lifting of the ban in general solicitation under the 80-year old SEC regulations will be most felt in the real estate industry and will continue to make significant inroads in its investor engagement

Delivering the keynote at this event is Richard Russo, VP Development at Morgans Hotel Group, owner of Delano and Mondrian Hotels. The Morgans Hotel Group is the same group who will manage the hotels being built in Colombia and Galapagos Islands by Stock & Fund Managers led by Alexander Oppenheimer, VP Sales and Marketing.

The speakers and topics for the day:

Keynote: Richard Russo, Morgans Hotel Group, VP for Development

Moderator: David Drake, The Soho Loft, Founder and Chairman

Panel 1: Real Estate Crowdfunding Trends and Growth


Sydney Armani, Crowdfund Beat Founder

Benjamin Miller, Fundrise Co-Founder

Jilliene Hellman, Realty Mogul Founder and CEO

William Skelley, iFunding Founder

Carlo Tabibi, Patch of Land Co-Founder and CEO

Panel 2: Real Estate Investments by Family Offices


Richard Aidekman, Prime Realty Services Inc. Principal and Co-Founder

Dan Farrell, Privos Capital Chairman and CEO

Michael Felman, LDJ Capital Fund Advisory Director

Rebekah Woo, Crimson Capital Principal

Panel 3: Crowdfunding Strategies: How do you Crowdfund your Real Estate?


Lita Dwight, Sterling Green Corp Senior Vice President

Stefano Zaccaria D'Aniello, Groundbreaker Co-Founder and COO

Brian Dally, Groundfloor Co-Founder and CEO

Panel 4: Global Platforms and Investors: Crowdfunding from Foreign Investors


Alessandro Lerro, Lerro & Partners Founder

Rodrigo Nino, Prodigy Network Founder and CEO

Bruce Lipnick, Asset Alliance (Family Office) CEO and Chairman

Nick Jekogian, Signature Community Investment Group Founder and CEO

As an added perk, all companies can attend the Pitching Workshop Breakfast from 8am-10am. This workshop will help companies construct that concise and winning elevator pitch based on what investors need to hear to make an investment decision.

"Crowdfunding is highlighting the fact that the old ways of raising capital are just not enough today. We need to be part of a collaborative platform such as this to be able to bring more power-packed financial innovative ideas into action," says Joe Rubin, Director of FundingPost.

The event will also give everyone - investors and entrepreneurs alike -  the chance to hobnob and swig cocktail glasses before and after the panels and during the Lunch and Cocktail Party.

For those who have an awesome project to demonstrate, you can set up your exhibit booth at the event. You will be given a two-minute elevator pitch in person to the panel of investors during the event. As an additional advantage, entrepreneurs can submit a one-fourth-page summary of their companies to the panel of investors and speakers. All investors will get a chance to get your company description and information.

For those seriously studying this emerging industry, Times Realty News (, the only real estate crowdfunding news website, has created the definitive guide with the TRN (Times Realty News) 2014 Top 10 Realty Crowd Fund Report, distributed exclusively in collaboration with The Soho Loft and Victoria Global through this conference. This is available for $499 only.

For a limited time only: Pre-order the TRN 2014 Top 10 Real Estate Crowdfunding Report worth $499 with the  Event Pass worth $785 for only $1099 (to save $185) until April 23.

To register for the conference and/or to pre-order the  TRN Top 10 Report, go to:

Watch for more conferences happening across the country and around the world by The Soho Loft. The next one may be in your city.

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