ERIE, PA--(Marketwired - Apr 21, 2014) - Fortitude Group, Inc. (OTC: FRTD) announced today that Fortitude shareholders are qualified to receive a complimentary Affinity Black Card. Each card will be loaded with a $25.00 cash value and three-months of free maintenance service (a $4.95/mo value).

Fortitude shareholders can participate in this special offer by registering at before May 16, 2014. The registration process will take less than 2-minutes and will require a simplified owner verification with citizen verification for the Patriot Act. Certain restrictions may apply. Terms and qualifications can be found at

Thomas J. Parilla, CEO of Fortitude, stated, "Our 2014 year has started off considerably better than originally estimated. This qualified shareholders card is the first of many unique programs which have been initiated as reward programs for our loyal shareholders. This is the first quarter that reports positive sales numbers from both our Affinity Black Card and VaporVites product offerings. 

Currently, we have received $50,000.00 as the initial deposit towards our previously announced 5,000 unit VaporVites order. The remainder of the funds for completion of this order will be paid when the shipment clears US customs (estimated to be the last week of April)."

In further corporate development, the company has received a private label card order for over 100,000 Affinity Black Cards. This order is in the final stages of the contract process with the initial deposit of 50% or $249,000.00 to be received no later than May 1, 2014. Additionally, the company has received a preliminary purchase order for 40,000 VaporVites units which is scheduled to close mid-May and will be further discussed as details emerge.

Finally, the company has made tremendous strides in retiring shares of their common stock and will be announcing, at the end of this week, the total number of shares that have been retired to date.

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Fortitude Group, Inc. is a diversified company with investments in multiple sectors of the economy targeting joint ventures, wholly owned subsidiaries and/or majority/minority positions that cross various market segments with the goal of creating a quality company that builds intrinsic value for its shareholders.

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