NIWOT, CO--(Marketwired - Apr 21, 2014) - Rohde & Schwarz will host the LXI Conference on Wednesday, May 21st at its new Asian facility in Singapore. Both the LXI Consortium and the IVI Foundation will co-sponsor the event. The conference will educate attendees on the LXI and IVI standards and their applications for test engineering professionals. The event will include presentations from leading LXI vendors, an IVI instrument driver fundamentals course, and a table-top trade show of the latest LXI products. The audience for the conference is test engineers and managers designing test systems, test system integrators, and university professors and students. During the conference, attendees will gain an understanding of the standards and the benefits to their test strategies.

Why you should go:

For engineers using LXI instruments in your systems:

  • LXI Reference Design & Implementation: Learn what an LXI Reference Design would offer to instrument vendors and how it will expand user choice of an LXI controlled product.
  • Choice: Understanding the vast number of choices you have for instrumentation. There are over 2600 LXI conformant products now.
  • Hybrid systems: Understand why LXI makes an ideal foundation for hybrid test systems using PXI, VXI, AXIe or GPIB instrumentation.
  • Certification: How and why all LXI products undergo rigorous conformance testing ensuring reliability and interoperability in your application. 
  • Time to Market (TTM): An LXI interface helps you reduce TTM through common drivers with integral web interfaces, and instrument discovery that's consistent. It's simply easier-to-use and lower cost than many alternatives.
  • Applications: Hear about real world applications for LXI -- why some problems are easier to solve with LXI.
  • Demos of LXI instruments: See some of the latest LXI instruments and talk with application engineers about their use.

For developers interested in IVI drivers:

  • IVI Instrument Driver Fundamentals Course: This two-hour course will be presented by Joe Mueller, President of the IVI Foundation, and a leading software architect at Agilent Technologies. This course includes everything you need to know to get started developing test software with IVI drivers.
  • LXI & IVI: Every LXI product includes an IVI driver which provides a high-level interface to the instrument that eases programming and simplifies maintenance in the future. IVI drivers work in the development environment of your choice.
  • Simulation: All IVI drivers provide instrument simulation. This means you can develop your test system software before you have access to the instruments, or when the instruments are not available.


Rohde & Schwarz Asia
9 Changi Business Park Vista
Singapore 486041

Wednesday, May 21, 2014
9:00 am - 5:00 pm


Email Bob Helsel, Exec. Director, LXI Consortium
with your company or university contact information

Program Chair
Bob Helsel

Jochen Wolle, Rohde & Schwarz Asia

Marketing Chair, LXI Consortium
Bob Stasonis, Pickering

"We are very excited to host the LXI Conference this year at our Rohde & Schwarz Asia facilities in Singapore. This is a great opportunity for end users in Asia developing test systems to learn more about the LXI and IVI standards and how they can help to solve their challenges in testing," says Jochen Wolle, Chair of the LXI Conformance Committee. 

Steve Schink, LXI Consortium President, adds "The LXI Consortium is proud to partner with the IVI Foundation and Rhode & Schwarz Asia to present the LXI Conference in Singapore. T&M instrument users and vendors attending the conference will learn about the very latest efforts within the standards organizations, and how the standards are being used to address real testing needs."

Potential Members of the LXI Consortium or IVI Foundation: Instrument vendors or university professors, who are considering joining either the LXI Consortium or the IVI Foundation, may attend their meetings as a guest the week of May 19 - 23. To arrange to attend as a guest, contact Bob Helsel.

About LXI Consortium, Inc.

The LXI Consortium,, is a standard-setting organization in the Test & Measurement industry that develops, maintains and promotes the open LXI Standard.

With more than 53 of the top test & measurement (T&M) companies sponsoring and developing this technology, and more than 2593 products in over 259 different product families, LXI (LAN eXtensions for Instrumentation) is the current and future standard for T&M.

LXI has the fastest growth of new products of any T&M standard in the history of the test industry.

Contact Information:

Bob Helsel
Executive Director
LXI Consortium