VANCOUVER, BC--(Marketwired - Apr 22, 2014) - Loudmouth Golf and Molhimawk ("Molly-MOCK') Inc are excited to introduce their line of stylish cart bags to their Canadian customers. The Loudmouth Cart Bag by Molhimawk measures 35" tall and features a single putter tube, 14-way top, and anti-slip rubber feet. The cart bags are currently available in some of Loudmouth's most popular patterns -- Shagadelic White, Disco Balls Black, Lightning Rod and Magic Bus.

The partnership between Loudmouth and Molhimawk will produce the first licensed product available in Canada and represent an exciting milestone for the future of Loudmouth Golf in the Canadian market.

"The Loudmouth Molhimawk golf bags have been a huge success in the US, so bringing them to Canada was the obvious next step. Customers have clamored for them -- loudly," says Loudmouth Golf CEO, Larry Jackson. "We worked with Molhimawk to deliver a quality bag for the discerning golfer who wants the ultimate in convenience, organization, functionality and of course, likes to have fun."

"We are so excited to announce the launch of the super popular Loudmouth Golf Bag Line to the Canadian market," says Molhimawk co-founder Richard "Mitch" Mitchell. "These awesome bags have already been a huge hit globally -- and we are confident Canada will be no different."

Loudmouth Cart Bags by Molhimawk are now available for purchase online. For more information, visit:

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