SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Apr 22, 2014) - Decker & Co, the first US-based broker to be fully dedicated to the Southeast Asia/Frontier space, announced today that it has solidified two new, strategic partnerships in Asia and made two key hires.

The new partnerships with BPI Securities, one of the most trusted and respected domestic brokers in the Philippines and a wholly owned subsidiary of Bank of the Philippine Islands, the largest bank in the Philippines, and Tong Yang Securities Cambodia, one of the leading securities companies in the newly established securities market in Cambodia, give Decker & Co the opportunity to provide its clients with high-grade investment opportunities managed by experienced local brokers.

In addition to its new partnerships, Decker & Co has hired Susan Kim, as Director of Asian Equity Sales, to head the company's West Coast sales. Ms. Kim spent 11 years at UBS, Lehman and Nomura and is a seasoned sales person who will focus on providing access to ASEAN and Frontier Asian markets. Decker & Co also announced the addition of Robert Lacey, Director of Asian Equity Sales Trading, who joins the company from Deutsche Bank and has 22 years of ASEAN trading experience.

"We're looking forward to working with our new partners in the Philippines and Cambodia. These partnerships will further strengthen our regional business development, enhance our client-focused strategy in Southeast Asia and reinforce our firm's position as top in market share in the Asia Frontier," said Mark Decker, CEO of Decker & Co. "Additionally, the reputations of BPI & Tong Yang Securities and both firms' in-depth knowledge of the local markets make them ideal partners, and we are confident they are the right firms to bring our business to the next level in the region."

"We are very excited to be aligned with Decker & Co," said Mike Royson, CEO of BPI Securities. "Our relationship with them represents a powerful strategy for growth moving forward."

"Decker & Co brings substantial expertise and relationships, which will complement our business," said KT Han, CEO of Tong Yang Securities Cambodia. "Decker provides us with a unique combination of talents, experience, and an undisputed reputation in the Asia/Frontier space."

Regarding the firm's new hires, Decker said, "Susan and Rob bring extensive experience to Decker & Co and add the necessary leadership and depth that will bring us closer to becoming the leading Southeast Asia/Frontier broker in the United States. Expanding our team with talent of this caliber demonstrates our commitment to excellence and offers significant value to our clients."

Decker & Co offers US funds access to the best local research and listed corporates through its partnership approach. Since the firm launched in July of 2013, it has grown exponentially and now includes some of the largest US funds focused on investing in the ASEAN region.

Decker & Co's network includes broker partners in Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, Pakistan, the Philippines and Cambodia.

Decker and Co is USA's first Southeast Asia/Frontier specialist broker. Decker provides quality local brokers in each market unparalleled distribution capabilities in the United States. Decker's experienced sales team has long standing relationships with funds that are focused on investing in Southeast Asia. Key Shareholders of Decker are former investment bankers in Southeast Asia. The firm's clearing partner is Broadcort, Merrill Lynch, and it is well capitalized. For additional information, please visit

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