Beer Store Hits a New Low With Launch of Unseemly Video Aimed at Raising Fear in Ontarians

Mac's VP calls on Premier Wynne to reign in Beer Store monopoly

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - April 22, 2014) - The continuing dialogue between the C-store sector and the foreign owned cartel, The Beer Store, has hit a new low thanks to an unseemly new video released by the foreign-owned beer monopoly. "The video released last week by the Beer Store is such a low blow to the 70,000 men and women that work in a convenience store in Ontario. "Are the foreign owners of Ontario's beer monopoly so afraid of competition that they need to resort to demonizing and attacking the hard working men and women that work in our stores?", exclaimed Tom Moher, VP of Mac's.

Mac's Convenience Stores has made headlines as it works to establish fairness in the Ontario market and earn the right to sell alcohol in its stores. Ontario currently allows three foreign multinational corporations, Anheuser-Busch InBev, Molson Coors and Sapporo, to wield a monopoly power on beer sales.

Knowing that they cannot win an argument about the benefits of increased competition and the convenience of allowing expanded alcohol retailing, the foreign-owned Beer Store is trying to protect its monopoly by preying on people's fear that convenience stores can't be trusted to sell alcohol responsibly. "Nothing could be further from the truth" says Mr. Moher.

"Mac's already responsibly retails alcohol in over 5000 stores worldwide and has done so for decades including right across the border in Quebec. Interestingly enough, the owners of the Beer Store openly support selling beer in C-stores in Quebec, but wholly opposes it in Ontario, said Mr. Moher."

"Somehow, our clerks are responsible enough to sell their products in Quebec but in Ontario they are not? It's just an insult to our people and to our industry as a whole. I hope the Ontario government who grant this monopoly to the Beer Store will call this out for what it is", said Mr. Moher.

Last year alone Mac's clerks asked for identification 5.2 million times in its own stores. In addition, Mac's engages a third party to conduct regular ongoing mystery shops to test Mac's stores. Mac's has achieved a 95% pass rate.

"We challenge the Beer Store to make their internal numbers public." said Mr. Moher.

C-stores have numerous government bodies such as local health boards, tobacco enforcement officers and the AGCO, reviewing its practices. Penalties for non-adherence are severe.

Moher asked, "What penalties does the Beer Store face for infractions? Who enforces the Beer Store?"

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