SEATTLE, WA--(Marketwired - Apr 22, 2014) - What does religious freedom mean to the American youth today? How are Catholics, living in a culture responding to Pope Francis, finding new ways to reclaim their faith? Can this religion of our parents and grandparents still provide a meaningful framework for spiritual fulfillment for modern Christians?

In "Reclaimed: This Catholic Faith is Mine!" author Gregory Erich Phillips encourages all Christians to remember the abundant joy and love at the heart of the religion, which compels believers to bring their authentic selves out into the world. In our time, there is a temptation, and even pressure, to be quiet about one's faith -- to retreat into the safety of church communities or private devotion. But Christianity is a religion that is meant to be shared. This is the meaning of evangelism.

Reclaimed shares the author's personal spiritual journey which led him to become Catholic as an adult. Coming from a Protestant background, he expresses the supreme importance of unity and dialogue among Christians. As long as antagonism exists between Christian factions (denominational and political) the message of the gospel will never be taken seriously by secular culture. Even where there is disagreement, it is important for Christians to rise above the issues at hand in a genuine spirit of love.

Christianity lights a path to abundant joy. If Christians lose their joy, they have missed the point of religion. Reclaimed seeks to unite Christians in a spirit of love, to make them proud to follow Christ, and to remember the great joy that comes from the words, "God is love!"

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Gregory Erich Phillips is a frequent blogger and contributor sought for his views and expertise on finance, philosophy, current events and Catholic living. He has made it his mission to spread the joy of Christianity. Gregory and his wife Rachel perform tango and live in Seattle, WA.

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