LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwired - Apr 24, 2014) - MMRGlobal, Inc. (OTCQB: MMRF) ("MMR") today announced that its patented MyMedicalRecords Personal Health Record (PHR) is now being sold in medical cannabis dispensaries. The Company's wholly owned subsidiary, MyMedicalRecords, Inc., launched its program of selling PHRs through dispensaries after months of testing various marketing and sales incentive programs. MyMedicalRecords also has plans to license its patented PHR technologies to others in the cannabis space who may be offering products that infringe on the Company's MyMedicalRecords patents and other intellectual property.

Every password-protected MyMedicalRecords account includes four MyEsafeDepositBox file folders with additional layers of security that can be used to give medical cannabis patients a private and safe place to store encrypted copies of physician recommendations and/or prescriptions. These folders allow patients to protect their sensitive medical information from unauthorized access or view. MyMedicalRecords keeps a user's most personal, private information pertaining to cannabis usage from employer and government intrusiveness as well as any others who might inadvertently view private medical records or cannabis recommendations in a home or office file. This could be particularly damaging to patients who use medical cannabis to navigate through significant health issues; for example, glaucoma patients taking medical cannabis to better manage the effects of reduced intraocular pressure, or patients experiencing side effects from chemotherapy, as well as those who are prescribed it for pain management from fibromyalgia or non-specific neuropathy, among other conditions. Damages from corporate intrusion into an employee's legitimate medical issues can be partially avoided by using a secure MyMedicalRecords PHR.

Another valuable feature of using a MyMedicalRecords PHR is the ability for individuals to prove they indeed have a prescription by carrying an encrypted copy in their MyMedicalRecords account on their smartphone to have whenever and wherever it's needed including to display to law enforcement officers should the need arise. MMR has created a complete program for cannabis retailers including customized point-of-sale displays with built-in systems designed to incentivize employees and customers through frequent purchase incentives, communicate and distribute newsletters, and conduct market research. Try a MyMedicalRecords PHR for free at www.mymedicalrecords.com.

MMRGlobal is a leading provider of Personal Health Records, MyEsafeDepositBox storage solutions and MMRPro document management and imaging systems for healthcare professionals. The use of Personal Health Records is a key part of modernizing America's healthcare system and the government is spending hundreds of millions of dollars in education designed to empower patients to take greater control of their health, using tools such as a PHR.

About MMRGlobal
MMRGlobal, Inc., through its wholly-owned operating subsidiary, MyMedicalRecords, Inc., provides secure and easy-to-use online Personal Health Records ("PHRs") and electronic safe deposit box storage solutions, serving consumers, healthcare professionals, employers, insurance companies, financial institutions, retail pharmacies, and professional organizations and affinity groups. The MyMedicalRecords PHR enables individuals and families to access their medical records and other important documents, such as birth certificates, passports, insurance policies and wills, anytime from anywhere using the Internet. MyMedicalRecords is built on proprietary, patented technologies to allow documents, images and voicemail messages to be transmitted and stored in the system using a variety of methods, including fax, phone, or file upload without relying on any specific electronic medical record platform to populate a user's account. MMR's professional offering, MMRPro, is designed to give physicians' offices an easy and cost-effective solution to digitizing paper-based medical records and sharing them with patients through an integrated patient portal. Through its merger with Favrille, Inc. in January 2009, MMR acquired intellectual property biotech assets that include anti-CD20 antibodies and data and samples from its FavId™/Specifid™ vaccine clinical trials for the treatment of B-Cell Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. To learn more about MMRGlobal, Inc. visit www.mmrglobal.com. View demos and video tutorials of MMR's products and services at www.mmrtheater.com. Follow us at Facebook.com/MMRGlobal and Twitter.com/mmrglobal.

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