BEACONSFIELD, QUEBEC--(Marketwired - April 25, 2014) - The City of Beaconsfield, which has led a proactive fight against the emerald ash borer since 2011, last night hosted a seminar attended by more than 250 citizens from the region. The seminar was an opportunity for residents to learn more about the problems and devastation caused by this invasive insect, the signs and symptoms indicating its presence, and the treatment options available for ash trees.

Primarily focused on protecting the environment, Beaconsfield Mayor Georges Bourelle stressed that the fight against the emerald ash borer requires a collective effort on the part of the cities, their residents and arboriculturists.

"Beaconsfield has been proactive since the EAB threat to ash trees in the Montreal region first appeared in 2011," said Mr. Bourelle.

Since 2011, Beaconsfield has been setting an example with its effective public education campaigns to raise awareness about the fight against the emerald ash borer. A resolution was adopted in 2012 specifying ash tree removal restrictions, and exceptional measures were taken to preserve Beaconsfield's ash population, including the deployment of traps throughout the area to capture these insects. A systematic ash monitoring process was implemented, and half a million dollars was set aside to help in the fight against the emerald ash borer.

"The City also doubled the number of trees planted on its territory, planting more than 200 trees of various species in order to increase biodiversity. The strong participation of Beaconsfield's residents in our seminar demonstrates the community's interest in protecting the environment and our trees. I am also very pleased with the caliber of the experts who participated in the seminar for the benefit of all those in attendance," said the Mayor.

The auditorium at Beaconsfield High School was packed with residents not only from Beaconsfield, but from other West Island municipalities as well. Mayors and elected officials from neighbouring cities were also in attendance to hear the speakers, who included Mr. Anouar Mestari of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, Mr. Anthony Daniel, biologist and EAB specialist from the City of Montreal, and Mr. Andrew Duffield from the City of Beaconsfield.

This seminar is part of Montreal's action plan to implement measures to slow the infestation and reduce its impact on the greater Montreal region. Intervention strategies include identifying infested trees, adopting a strategic tree removal plan, properly disposing of wood material and treating the trees with TreeAzin. For more information on Montreal's EAB action plan, please visit

The seminar gave participants the opportunity to speak with various arboriculturists in attendance, who answered questions from local residents and explained the various intervention and treatment options available.

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