NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Apr 30, 2014) - Formerly known as TechMedia Network, Purch helps 78 million shoppers make complex buying decisions easy each month. The company uses its data-led platform to tailor content and commerce experiences in more than 1,000 product categories. By addressing the needs of in-market buyers for specific products and services, Purch delivers industry-leading conversion rates for advertisers.

"Our new name embodies the company's longstanding goals to simplify purchase decisions for consumers, and help marketers directly engage with buyers in the right place, at the right time," said Greg Mason, CEO, Purch. "It's a culmination of the strategic focus of our business and the steps we've taken to reinforce it."

Over the past year, Purch has acquired or partnered with companies that further its mission to ease complex buying decisions for shoppers, and deliver branding and performance results to advertisers. In 2013, Purch as TechMedia Network acquired the renowned "Tom's" brand of tech media sites with their engaged audiences of in-market tech shoppers. Later in the year, the company acquired BuyerZone to build out its marketplace for connecting B2B buyers and sellers.

According to a recent study*, 81% of U.S. consumers research online before making major purchases, spending an average of 79 days gathering information online before buying. To capitalize on this huge opportunity, Purch's respected brands such as Top Ten Reviews, Tom's Guide, Tom's Hardware, and Live Science offer custom experiences across multiple platforms to trigger buying decisions in an array of product and service categories. The success of the company's approach and the quality of its editorial is evidenced by the more than 7,000 marketers and sellers that come to Purch to connect with ready-to-buy consumers, driving more than $1 billion in commerce transactions annually.

"Our unique blend of brand-safe content and commerce offerings, coupled with our high ROI for clients, has set us apart and propelled our company's growth, profitability, and leadership in the tech vertical," added Mason.

Purch also announced its exclusive partnership with Mobile Nations, the leading publisher of mobile-focused online communities, including Android Central, iMore, WPCentral and Connectedly. As a premium partner, Mobile Nations' portfolio of sites will be available alongside Purch's owned and operated properties, helping mobile shoppers make smarter buying decisions around smartphone, tablet, and wearable products. This relationship will cement Purch's position as No. 1 in the technology vertical and play a strong role in the company's mobile offerings.

"As a leader in the mobile space, we're excited to partner with Purch as it continues to forge new trails in the world of connecting consumers and marketers through high-quality content," said Marcus Adolfsson, CEO of Mobile Nations. "Its diverse portfolio of brands, dynamic commerce and community platforms, and expertise in engaging consumers and converting sales made Purch stand out from the pack and become the obvious choice to help us promote and monetize our sites."

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*Source: GE Capital Retail Bank, Second Annual Major Purchase Shopper Study, July 2013

About Purch

Purch is a portfolio of digital brands and services that help 78 million consumers make complex buying decisions easy each month. Its respected sites such as Top Ten Reviews, Tom's Guide, Tom's Hardware, and Live Science natively integrate commerce and content in more than 1000 product categories so consumers can make better choices before, during, and after an important purchase.

The company helps marketers achieve their branding and performance objectives in a high-quality, brand-safe context. Its sites connect in-market shoppers with more than 7,000 marketers and sellers, driving industry-leading conversion rates and $1 billion in commerce transactions annually.

Purch is a high-growth, privately held company with more than 350 employees and operations in the U.S., France, the UK, Italy, and Germany.

About Mobile Nations

Mobile Nations is the leading network of mobile-focused online communities with nearly 25 million readers and 75 million page views per month. Android Central, iMore, WPCentral, CrackBerry, and Connectedly form the core of Mobile Nations.

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