Photo Release -- CloudGenix Introduces Software-Defined Enterprise WANs

New Product Category Radically Simplifies Connecting People With Their Applications, While Reducing Remote Office Infrastructure Footprint; Allows Enterprises to Extend Software Defined Networking Beyond the Walls of the Data Center

Santa Clara, California, UNITED STATES

SANTA CLARA, Calif., April 30, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- CloudGenix today emerged from stealth mode to reveal a new category of solutions for wide area networking (WAN) and remote office infrastructure for the hybrid cloud and mobile era. CloudGenix Software-Defined Enterprise WAN (SDEwan) virtualizes enterprise networks and securely brings together users and high performance cloud and data center applications, while radically reducing remote office infrastructure requirements.

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By providing a business-intent based policy framework, CloudGenix enables rapid deployment of new bandwidth-intensive, and cloud-based applications to remote offices, while maintaining compliance. CloudGenix's software-defined approach eliminates the traditional complexity of networking, and enables IT to focus its resources on the innovations that drive business growth.

[Editors Note: See today's accompanying announcement – "CloudGenix Secures Series A Funding with Charles River Ventures and Mayfield Fund".]

"As and when application delivery models and connectivity undergo a significant change, remote office IT infrastructure hits an inflection point," said Rohit Mehra, vice president of network infrastructure at IDC. "That is happening now with the rapid adoption of cloud applications and services, and hybrid networks within the enterprise. One of our predictions for this year is that SDN will start to penetrate enterprise networks as organizations look for ways to manage this complexity- Enterprises need solutions that not only simplify application access, but also provide innovative ways of delivering network services to distributed enterprise IT assets and infrastructure."

The traditional data center is being disaggregated by the hybrid application delivery model including public clouds, SaaS and virtualized data centers. At the same time, remote office business initiatives for Omni-channel, bandwidth intensive collaboration, and support for new devices are growing. Traditional networking solutions designed for connecting remote offices to data centers just don't scale to meet the new customer requirements, and result in high levels of complexity and increasing sprawl of remote office infrastructure.

"Change is a constant in our network. New applications, the cloud, SaaS and BYOD introduce complexity to an already complicated architecture," said Alan Boehme, member of BOD of The Cloud Security Alliance and chief architect of The Coca-Cola Company. "Because of this complexity, traditional networking is no longer a safe choice. We need new models that de-risk the rapid rollout of new applications and services and apply a devops mindset to the WAN. A software defined enterprise WAN promises a simplified approach based on business-intent that will allow us to accelerate innovation, while eliminating the risks caused by complexity."

CloudGenix SDEwan is designed to reduce network complexity and allow enterprises to build networks based on business-intent rather than technology constraints. The foundation of the CloudGenix SDEwan solution is a new approach to networks that connects people to their applications rather than just connect locations to each other.

CloudGenix SDEwan capabilities

CloudGenix's SDEwan solution uses software-defined networking principles to securely virtualize enterprise networks, assign application specific business and IT policies, and dramatically reduce remote office device footprint.

Business Policy Abstraction: As applications are delivered from dynamic locations, including private, public, and hybrid clouds, CloudGenix business-intent based policy abstraction allows IT to enforce security, performance and compliance policies in a location-independent manner.

Secure Network Virtualization: The use of hybrid WAN types, including private WANs, Internet and 4G/LTE drives the need for secure network virtualization. CloudGenix transparently ensures privacy, traffic isolation, compliance and automated path selection without the administrator having to configure complex routing or networking rules.

Network Function Projection: CloudGenix has an innovative approach to deployment of WAN services such as next-generation firewalls and advanced persistent threat prevention systems to remote offices. CloudGenix enables the centralization of these services, while enabling the benefits of these services for the remote office traffic, ensuring a lean remote office infrastructure.

Forward-looking organizations like Columbia Sportswear Company are already working with CloudGenix to bring its solution to market. "We're seeing a fundamental shift in application deployment models and connectivity for remote offices and retail stores," said John Spiegel, network manager at Columbia Sportswear Company. "Businesses need a new remote office platform that provides an application-driven view of the network, ensures security compliance, and dramatically reduces operational overheads."

"Our goal is to enable IT to focus on innovation and driving business value," said Kumar Ramachandran, CEO of CloudGenix. "We unleash the benefits of software-defined infrastructure across the enterprise".

About CloudGenix

CloudGenix ( is a new breed of networking company that is redefining and simplifying how companies connect people anywhere in the enterprise with applications across public, private and hybrid clouds. CloudGenix SDEwan virtualizes enterprise networks and securely brings together users and high performance cloud and data center applications, while radically reducing remote office infrastructure requirements. To build this new solution, CloudGenix has assembled a team that has previously delivered industry-leading products in networking, SDN, cloud, security and web-scale applications. Headquartered in Santa Clara, California, CloudGenix is privately held with funding from Charles River Ventures and the Mayfield Fund. 

Kumar Ramachandran, Founder/CEO, CloudGenix


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