MADISON, WI--(Marketwired - May 8, 2014) - Widen Enterprises, the leading provider of SaaS digital asset management (DAM) solutions, has announced a strategic partnership with ProofHQ, a leading provider of online proofing software. By integrating the Widen Media Collective with the ProofHQ proofing solution, enterprise marketing teams and agencies will be able to quickly automate content review and approval to speed the delivery of marketing content assets from a central online hub.

The combination of ProofHQ and the Widen Media Collective will provide an integrated experience for marketing content review and approval, management, distribution and optimization. Together, ProofHQ and Widen aim to take the hassle out of review and approval workflows and speed time-to-market with customer ready content.

Overall, the integration makes it easier to connect marketing content across work-in-process and marketing fulfillment phases of the digital asset lifecycle. Key benefits for Widen and ProofHQ users include:

  • Simplified review processes - Easy-to-use commenting and markup tools within a web browser.
  • Streamlined approvals - Simplified routing keeps track of all feedback and approvals.
  • Configurable workflows - Collaborative workflow and discussion threads set up by an administrator.
  • Automated ingestion to DAM - Approved digital assets are automatically sent to the Widen DAM library.
  • Access anytime, anywhere - Review proofs on your Mac, PC, smartphone or tablet.

"We collaborated with ProofHQ to create an easy way for marketing and creative teams to interact with content approvals; mission accomplished," said Matthew Gonnering, CEO of Widen. "We expect our product satisfaction levels will increase as a result of customers using ProofHQ approvals, and we'll be sure to share those results during our annual #wearethebestindambecausewecanproveit customer satisfaction survey published every summer."

Joint Widen-ProofHQ customers will now benefit from combining Widen's core digital asset management capabilities with the collaboration, productivity and creative workflow efficiencies enjoyed by users of ProofHQ. The integration aims to meet new and existing customer needs for streamlining delivery of brand approved, ready-to-use marketing content on-demand.

"Business tools are increasingly being delivered as SaaS, or 'cloud' solutions," said Mat Atkinson, Founder/CEO at ProofHQ. "Widen and ProofHQ are both best-in-class SaaS companies serving the same customers and supporting the same part of the creative workflow."

Widen digital asset management customers can begin using the ProofHQ integration with the 7.2 release of the Media Collective in late May.

"Time is valuable and ProofHQ saves time during the collaboration phases of creating digital assets," said Deanna Ballew, manager of development and infrastructure for Widen. "This tie into Widen DAM allows approved marketing content to be immediately distributed from one cloud-based media library."

The announcement of the Widen DAM integration with ProofHQ comes just two weeks after Widen's integration with the AtTask marketing work management solution was announced. Widen plans to announce an InDesign workflow integration in the weeks ahead to help creative users achieve an optimal user experience with DAM in creative workflows.

To view a live demo of the new integration between ProofHQ and Widen Media Collective, please visit

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