SAN JOSE, CA--(Marketwired - May 9, 2014) - The San Jose City Council meets Tuesday, May 13th at 7pm to discuss, and likely approve, regulations that will create an effective ban on medical marijuana dispensaries citywide. Collective operators, patients and concerned citizens who wish to see proper medical marijuana regulations in San Jose should attend this critical meeting.

"The language is almost identical to what the Council approved in 2011, which triggered an immediate referendum. If the council adopts these regulations there will be an instant increase in black market activity, such as neighborhood grows and backyard butane production," said Dave Hodges, founder of the All American Cannabis Club and Silicon Valley Cannabis Coalition (SVCC) member. "If this passes, medical patients will be driven to the streets to access their medicine, which will directly impact the safety of children, neighborhoods and the patients who need this medication."

Activists state the language would be an "effective ban" because the regulations:

  • Prevent the common practice of collectives from working together to provide the diverse range of products patients need. 
  • Ban all hash oils and most concentrated cannabis used for topicals, edibles and vaporizers.
  • Force all cultivation and production to be done in one location per collective in San Jose.

The proposed language does nothing to keep marijuana out of schools, or provide any community feedback on collective operations. SVCC has proposed regulations that would protect schools, allow collectives to operate like any other business, and create a Cannabis Commission to address any needs or complaints from the community.

"A commission would address many of the issues the Council has struggled with for years and provide a way for everyone to move forward," said John Lee, SVCC member & director of Control & Regulate San Jose. "It seems one of the biggest misunderstandings with this issue is the assumption that collective operators are 'drug dealers.' Drug dealers don't check for ID, doctor's recommendations or ask for regulations. Collective operators do both."

SVCC is asking City Council members to:

  1. Not adopt staff's proposal at the May 13th council meeting and defer this issue
  2. Direct staff to either:
  3. Adopt the new SVCC language containing the Cannabis Commission, or
  4. Direct staff to work with the SVCC to incorporate a Cannabis Commission, and changes from the community
  5. All San Jose citizens are encouraged to attend this meeting to voice their outrage on regulations that force medical marijuana patients back to the black market, and criminal activity to take place in our community and neighborhoods.

    Tuesday, May 13th, 2014
    5pm & 7pm

    San Jose City Council Meeting
    7pm at San Jose City Hall, Council Chambers
    200 E Santa Clara St, San Jose, CA

    Silicon Valley Cannabis Coalition Pre-Meeting
    5pm at UFCW Hall
    240 South Market St, San Jose CA

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