SAN JOSE, CA--(Marketwired - May 13, 2014) - 41st Parameter, the leader in device recognition technology and a part of Experian, is pleased to introduce "Tales from the Fraudside" a new collection of resources to help educate and prepare the market for battle against the complex world of cyber-security. The dangers are ever-present and can lurk anywhere, striking when consumers -- and the organizations they do business with -- least expect. Those who dare can explore the Fraudside to uncover its mysteries and accomplish its defeat.

Over the coming months "Tales from the Fraudside" will deliver cyber security insights through a series of informative assets including: infographics, webinars and white papers. The various events and materials will plumb the depths of depravity employed by the dark denizens of the Fraudside. They will look at how fraudsters infect and capture consumer information, how that information is sold in the criminal underground and how criminals watch and wait for just the right moment to strike.

"Fraud is a real horror show," said Ori "The FraudFather" Eisen, founder and chief innovation officer at 41st Parameter. "Our purpose is to help professionals facing these horrors daily learn how to battle and defeat their worst cyber threats. That led us to the concept of the "Fraudside," a metaphor for all the dark places and activities that put consumers and organizations at risk. We're excited to offer a coherent package of webinars and materials that can help shine some light into the Internet's dark corners and make the online world a little safer for everyone."

The first element in the "Tales from the Fraudside" is an infographic that sets the stage and introduces the three phases in the fraud lifecycle: infect and capture; sell; and validation, surveillance and theft. The infographic will be followed by in-depth webinars that explore each phase of the fraud lifecycle in greater detail. In addition, white papers and blog posts on various elements will also be developed.

The Fraudside is a dark and scary place but 41st Parameter is committed to driving a stake through the heart of online fraud.

About 41st Parameter
In a world where people are increasingly reliant on a variety of Internet-connected devices for everything from banking to shopping to entertainment and media, creating relevant customer experiences and preventing online fraud are constant business challenges. 41st Parameter, a part of Experian, is the global leader in device recognition and intelligence. The company combines patented technologies and years of expertise to identify devices without cookies, without compromising privacy and without impacting performance. The company's FraudNet platform protects businesses from online fraud before it happens. AdTruth, the digital media division, gives marketers a better way to recognize and reach their most valuable audiences across all types of devices. The TrustInsight™ Network enables online merchants to increase sales by approving more trusted transactions. These privacy compliant solutions help keep the Internet more secure and relevant for everyone.