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McCain Secures Contract for 180 Traffic Controller Cabinets With the City of San Francisco

Unique Dual Front-Door Design Promotes Walkable Streets and Pedestrian Convenience

VISTA, CA--(Marketwired - May 13, 2014) - McCain Inc., a recognized leader in the supply of advanced transportation solutions for safety and mobility, today announced the award of a traffic controller cabinet contract with the City of San Francisco, California. The contract includes the City's first-time purchase of 180 newly redesigned MSF60 NEMA TS 2 Type 1 traffic controller cabinets.

McCain's MSF60 NEMA controller cabinet's unique side-by-side front-door design has a reduced door swing, while meeting all functional requirements of the National Electrical Manufactures Association (NEMA) TS 2, v 02.06 cabinet specification.

Known for high foot-traffic, congested streets, and short blocks, the flow of pedestrian traffic plays a major role in the City's transportation network. "The cabinet selection allows San Francisco to provide a more safe and comfortable pedestrian experience," said Diane Hawkins, account manager for McCain Inc. "The move from a bulky, single front-door design to the slimline, dual front-door MSF60 NEMA cabinet is a big win for the City and its residents."

The innovative cabinet design allows the City to maximize the use of curbside real estate, while increasing sidewalk accessibility during times of traffic cabinet maintenance. In the past, a single front-door cabinet would obstruct pedestrian walkways, restricting the flow of foot traffic, and often forcing rerouting and delays. The two-door design cuts the space requirement in half, minimizing obstructions to pedestrian traffic flow.

The MSF60 NEMA traffic controller cabinet design includes a 16-position load bay and maximizes internal cabinet space, keeping the cabinet's architecture streamlined and compact without compromising functional integrity. The 180 cabinets come equipped and ready to deploy with a color-coded field output panel and GPS unit.

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